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Local National Provision

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Local National Provision: Football Grassroots Development When looking at local provisions for entry into football there are various ways to do this, these may include Sunday league football, schools and local parks. One aspect of getting involved with football may be going and playing with family or friends and when doing this on a regular basis will improve skills. Watching others and analysing situations may improve skills too. Children wanting to enter football at a local league are able to do this by joining a team in the Medway News Youth League. There are many teams within the league that start at under eight's all the way to under eighteen's and example of this would be Spartac Football Club. There are several soccer schools that will teach young to play football but not at a competitive level. Teams within the Medway League may be provided with some money from a local companies that will provide the team with footballs, kit and goal nets. ...read more.


Many academy teams will have an award scheme in place that will allow the player to see how well they are doing and also for the scout to compare them with others. These are called player reports and will show statistic information for when they started at the club and to the present day on how they have improved. The clubs Gillingham F.C, Charlton F.C and also Millwall F.C will scout players within Medway that have potential. These clubs with either have an academy or a school of excellence for players to develop themselves into an elite player. Players that are at a good standard of football will be given the opportunity to sign a contract to the club because they are seen to be a good potential to be a professional. By allowing this school work is not affected. Additional Agencies and Bodies There are several agencies that will help towards development for football and these agencies will include Football Foundation, UK Sport and also the National Lottery. ...read more.


Although there is a club for disabled called Hutton Medway F.C that plays in the Southeast league and provides development and promoting of disabled football. Due to different types of disability it means that there is different levels of disabled football. This means that there is many organized events for the disabled and also transport for the participants taking part in the event. Critically Evaluation On the whole it seems that males are the easiest to enter football and also to get to elite national levels of playing due to the availability of organised leagues and cups during school and leisure time. Females have a lot of organisations helping them to develop them into football but its difficult to enter. Disabled people find it hard to enter into football and even all levels have limited facilities. When looking at Local provision for football in Medway it looks good due to many parks and also organized days by Gillingham FC to bring people into football. To make things easier for everyone to play football and progress to higher standards more agencies need to organize events. ...read more.

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