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Local Study of Football Provision

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Local Study-Football Grass Roots Football In Peterborough one of the first way in which people access football is through their school, either through the school curriculum, school clubs or school club links. The aim of the school curriculum is to give people a chance to play certain sports, largely at a low level of attainment, if the performer wished to improve performance this is the point where they will make use of school numerous club links. Another role schools take in providing provision in football is providing competitive matches between other schools in the area and further afield. This role is taken on by the PSSP, which is the Peterborough school sports partnership. The PSSP arranges fixtures in the city. The PSSP also has many coaches in which to help a performer's development and to help people just starting the sport. They have the support of Simon Ryan who is a Peterborough United community football coach. ...read more.


This gap caused many good standard players to look elsewhere for further development in football. Disability Football In Peterborough there are very limited provisions for people wishing to take part in disability football. The is one disabled football club for both senior and junior players in Peterborough that is Netherton United and the closest league is one that is run in Cambridge. The junior league in the area is the Cambridge Ability Counts League, This league provides competitive opportunities for junior Ability Counts teams. The league allows pan disability players to take part in structured games against other teams. The league consists of festivals throughout the season with scores being collated into a league table. Histon Hornets, Wisbech St Marys, Castle, Cambs Deaf Utd, St Ives Rangers and Netherton Utd all take part in the fixtures. There is also a disabled league for senior players, which is the Eastern Region Ability Counts League. ...read more.


There are also council owned facilities in the area, such as bush field astro turf and Powerleague, which has many 5 a side leagues. Peterborough is not home to any top class facilities, Peterborough United train at a ground which is also used for Sunday league football matches and village cricket. Coaching in Peterborough There is not a great deal of high quality coaching in Peterborough; however there is a great deal of coaches at the community level. So basically for a player just starting the sport there are many coaches but the problems come when a player is looking to develop as a performer. High quality coaching in Peterborough is quite limited with only Peterborough and Cambridge united having development centres in the city. Refereeing in Peterborough Peterborough's local FA are committed to promoting and developing referees and refereeing the County. Cambridgeshire FA offer courses for new referees throughout the year. ...read more.

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