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Local Study - Provision & Opportunity for Football in London (Haringey)

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´╗┐Amir Mohsenifar AS level Physical Education Local Study Football Local studies 2.2- Provision & Opportunity for Football in London (Haringey) For my local study I have chosen to research football in my area of north London, mainly focused on the boroughs of Haringey and Islington. The local study will be centre around the opportunities available to develop roles as performer, leadership and official and if the governing body the ?FA? (football association) has a role in this. In the borough of Haringey there are many parks, Astroturf pitch hire and Sunday youth teams. The level as which football is being played at in the borough is ?Foundation? [1] as many players play to keep fit and enjoy it. The schools in Islington and Haringey offer boys physical education lessons in football. This improves their knowledge and improves the skills which can be used in a match. There are two big parks specialised for football in Haringey. These parks are available to anyone and it is free. The most sophisticated park is in of the Haringey (Muswell Hill Playing Fields) ...read more.


However this varies with the age group and the division the team is in. The WFL aims to enhance the provision and opportunities as well as increasing the amount of successful home grown players so therefore each season they take one player from each team in under18s and gives them the chance to take part in a ?Watford All Star? trial match watched by many scouts and academy managers. My team is Hinton and Finchley and are currently in the Red division (2nd division). The FA aims to provide additional support with adding sponsors to the football kit and paying a certain percentage of the costs. Schools in the borough offer student in the years of 7-11 have a school football team. They compete with other schools and take part in the borough cup. Depending how good a team is it can go on to take part in the county cup which includes all the best team from each borough. If successful for playing in the school team you would then be offered a chance to play for the borough football team. ...read more.


Schools such as Fortismere School have partnered with ?Blanch Nevile? to make a football team for their disabled students (IX). They play and train on weekdays. In north London there are opportunities such as sporting colleges, such as Southgate College has come together with Tottenham hotspurs and making a football foundation to improve the younger generation in either in leadership role such as coaching or playing football at an elite level (X). They have different level courses and each sport course offers a chance to get a coaching or referee certificate for free. London FA has set up course on different date and location for coaching and refereeing (XI). The Refereeing courses are available and are sponsored by the UEFA. The course availability varies but some courses are on every 3 months depending on the location and in the summer it is more frequent. There are vast opportunities available at grassroots and elite level. However football for girls in schools particular Haringey need to develop further. Girls need to have more competitive level chances. There is vast opportunity for leadership roles for girls and boys. For disabled football players there are opportunities and it is continuing to be the main focus by the FA and is increasing the opportunities and course available for them. ...read more.

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