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Looking at how there are different ways in which sport in brought to the general public and how the media can influence sport itself.

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Social Aspects Assignment 3 In this assignment I will be looking at how there are different ways in which sport in brought to the general public and how the media can influence sport itself. The three main means of publishing sport to the general public not only in this country but countries across the world are: > Television > Radio > Newspapers Television: Television to me seems to be the main focus of attention when it comes to broadcasting sport to the general public. I believe that from a study of seeing how much coverage is shown in the three main means of publishing that television has the most power in attracting people to watch the sport on the television. The reason for me thinking this is because when you watch the sport on the TV it gives the watcher a feeling of being a spectator in the ground by giving a range of angles to watch the sport from and being able to see the sport more clearly and watch every minute of the action without being disturbed by the person moving around in the seat next to you or the bloke in front of you standing up every time the ball goes into the opponents half. ...read more.


When TV first came out in 1936 they only showed some sports giving the general public a taste of sport and they liked it and wanted to see more. Due to this rise in demand for more sport, radio became a lot more popular and the sales of radios rose dramatically over the next 3 years. By 1939 almost 71% of the countries households owned a radio. The advantages of having a radio are you being able to listen to the sport in progress wherever you may be in the country. Also radios have the advantage of being able to be used by the power of batteries or some are even wind up radio's making them easy to work and run. The disadvantages of using a radio to listen to the sport are not being able to see the action going on. The feeling of being there at the game and being one of the crowd is lost by only being able to hear someone else describe what is going on. For example when a player scores an amazing goal and the commentator describes what has happened you can get the image of it being only an average goal. But then when you see the highlights of the game it could have been goal of the season and because you had the radio were unable to see it happen at that moment in time. ...read more.


Newspapers now play a big part in sports performers lives both on and off the pitch. The main areas of sports performers the papers focus on in England are the top-flight footballers such as David Beckham and Sol Campbell. The way that newspapers have a big effect are by getting into these players private lives and their professional life. The reason that this has an effect on their career is because the public might be able to see a side of their favourite player that they haven't seen before and will give them a bad image of them. This means that the players life on the pitch can be affected and also off the pitch. The tabloid newspapers normally take out this sort of action, as most people that follow the sport will buy tabloid newspapers. So this is another main reason as to how the media has an effect on sport, because they can influence how the fans see the player and could result in the manager being forced to sit the start player on the subs bench or even worse the result being the player moving abroad to play his football because the pressure of the fans and media becomes to much to him to cope with. Michael Twiggins ...read more.

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