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Managing and Promoting Heath and Safety

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BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SPORT (GOLF) HEALTH AND SAFETY IN SPORT UNIT 4 Managing and Promoting Heath and Safety In this assignment I am going to be looking at two different sports and leisure facilities. First I will look at Bognor golf club then I will look at champneys spar and rehabilitation spar. I will look at how the two facilities manage and promote health, safety and security. From this assignment I am going to gain an understanding of how different organisations manage health, safety and security, how they implement training in health and safety and to understand the use of documentation to ensure health and safety. Health, safety and security are very important within any organisation, there are two different types of organisations firstly there is sports and leisure facilities such as leisure centres, rugby clubs, golf clubs etc and then there is out door adventure centres. The health and safety at work Act sets out the general duties of which an employee and members of the public have to themselves and others that they come into contact with during their time at work. Now I am going to look at the first of my two organisations which is Bognor Golf Club and is from the commercial sector as it is a privet club and only open to members not the general public. It is a very old golf club located in Felpham in West Sussex, the facilities that are on offer are and 18hole golf course, 9 hole putting green, proshop with inside coaching facility, practice ground, 2 nets and a chipping area. Within the inside of the clubhouse you will find a bar area, kitchen, dining room, and snooker room with two snooker tables along with two large changing rooms. With all these facilities the club needs to make sure that it follows all the health, safety and security procedures to ensure that everyone is safe whilst using the facilities. ...read more.


been used, you will also find signs when out on the course around the greens and on the tees saying what has been used to ensure that the members are aware and safe whilst on the course. Many heavy and dangerous machines are also used on the course, such as strimmers, tractors, diggers, and mowers therefore it is important that nobody goes near them unless told to and are fully trained to do so, so the club provides safety signs to warn people to stay away and not touch them so that nobody gets hurt or has an accident. Security is a big part of any organisation, as it is important that the facilities are safe at all times during the working day and over night, it is especially important that their customers and members feel that that are in a safe place and also that their belongings are safe within the facilities. On every external door that leads into the club house need codes to enter, you will also find coded doors on all the entrances to both changing rooms male and female this make the building very safe but they could make the trolley she where many members leave their clubs. At the moment every member that uses the shed is given a key to keep but this is very safe as they could lose it and anyone could get in, therefore they could add a coded door to ensure that people cant get in and then have looks like padlocks for people to attach their bags to, this would make them even safer. By having coded doors throughout the club it ensures that nobody enters the building that aren't members or authorised to so therefore making the facilities safe for everyone staff, visitors or members. At the golf club all members are offered a locker within the changing rooms to lock away their belongs safely, this allows member to leave their shoes, hand bags any valuables and knowing that they are safe. ...read more.


Champenys offers lookers for their staff to leave their belongings in during the working day but they aren't supposed to leave anything valuable overnight and the company don't take reasonability if something goes missing. By having this rule the staffs belongs are all safe if the building did get broken in to. The facilities don't have any CCTV in building, but every treatment room dose have panic alarms if they are needed but this still doesn't make the building very secure as the building has no really security during the day and especially over night. To reduce the chances of break-ins they need to put in place CCTV in the spar but there is no need to put any outside as there are street CCTV in place out side the spar, by doing this they are significantly making the building more secure. The doors within the building are not locked by codes but by keys therefore it isn't as safe as it could be as people could quite easily get hold of keys especially as so many of the staff members have keys. To make this safer they could set up doors with codes as it reduces the chances of unwanted people getting into the treatment rooms or office. They could also make the spar safer by introducing ID cards and burglar alarms. After looking at both the organisations I have found a lot out about both the different facilities and its procedures. There are many things which are good about both organisations and work well to ensure that the building, staff and customer are all safe and secure at all times. But unfortunately there are also many things which I found could be improved or put into place to make it even better. I have looked at both the organisations which have many differences and many similarities between them but I have found that both work well at making sure that they have good safe and secure building but something can always be done to make it even better. Katie - Jane Lee ...read more.

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