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Media Bias on Steroids. A great example of media influence is the book written about steroid use in baseball. The book is titled Game of Shadows. This non-fiction book was written by two reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Media Bias on Steroids Everyone has heard about Barry Bonds, and the BALCO steroid scandal. Barry Bonds has denied ever using steroids, but nobody will ever really know. This situation first started as a small story, but then the media got a hold of it. The media began to run stories every few hours on this and other steroid investigations. Then rumors started going around about players being on steroids. Players fought back with remarks saying that the media was making outrageous accusations. Then the media began making baseball out as a steroid infested zone, where players use steroids like people need oxygen. So the question arises, does the media influence, or change the way we portray the steroid investigation? I think the media does change the way we portray the steroid investigation. The media has shown that it is willing to do anything to show its point of view on this story, and many others just like it. The media is in every part of our lives through the Internet, television, radio, and newspapers. The question that I will answer throughout this paper is how, why, and when does the media influence the way we portray the steroid investigation. ...read more.


It is a bestseller and a main reason why people believe Barry Bonds used steroids. I am not saying whether the book is true or not, I am showing how people have listened and believed in it. Many people now know that the media has influenced the steroid investigation, but people may want to know why they did. The media has always been influencing the way we think and act towards certain situations. It is nothing different here for the steroid investigation. The media will always mold things it believes will make a great story. Everything in this country is based on money, and the media is no different. The reason why they are influencing stories is to make people buy newspapers, magazines, or to make them access the Internet, or watch something on television. The media may also mend a story because they are influenced by someone to do it. Many people and even the government asked the media to produce a story that they wanted to hear, and the truth could be stretched to make this happen. The media has always done that, and the people could be blamed because they have also influenced the media by pressuring them to do something that they want. ...read more.


This may be because people are angry that professional athletes make so money, and they don't want these athletes to be cheating to earn their extremely high paying salary. Another reason may be because the people, as a mass, do not give second chances. If someone cheats in an activity that people love, like sports, then they want them to pay for this scandal. Not trying to make the people seem to bad, but how the media is influenced. The pressuring media has obviously influenced the steroid investigation, mainly because the media is always looking for a story. You have just seen how, why, and when the media influence steroids and players that may or may not be involved with them. The media always has a grip and influence over something and this time it has been over the steroid investigation, mainly into baseball. The trends of the media have left some long lasting affects on how we portray Major League Baseball and professional athletes in general. The main focus has been on baseball, but from media influence steroid investigation and restrictions have been put in place for all professional sports. We may have pushed players to create more amazing plays, and led them to maybe taking steroids. However, the media has influenced the way we may now portray steroids for now and forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Metraw 4 ...read more.

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