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Mountain Biking

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Mountain Biking This essay will be about Mountain Biking. In this essay I will describe the different types of mountain bikes, and what you need to do to compete in mountain bike races and expeditions and the safety aspects involved. I will also talk about the different accessories and emergency equipment you should consider if going mountain bike riding. There is four main types of mountain bikes used in recreational and professional mountain biking, these are: * Fully Rigid * Hard-tail * Soft-tail * Dual Mountain Bikes are created for off-road use, such as the cycling in the bush, dirt tracks or just rough terrain. While mountain biking you'll usually come across a wide variety of terrain and obstacles that you may have to pass such as rocks, logs, riding up hills, travelling down steep decants or just riding on an unpaved track. A mountain bikes needs to be able to withstand these rough terrains and harsh conditions. Mountain bikes have many different parts that are vital, such as the wheels, tyres, handle bars, brakes and special parts such as the shock absorber. One of the most essential part of a mountain bike are its brakes. Brakes help to stop the bike from moving along, but they also have many other purposes as well. Brakes can also help to re-direct your bike and can help maintain a good balance when needed. ...read more.


If carried and used correctly, when mountain bike riding and you eventually become lost, badly injured or in a very dangerous situation, you can activate your EPIRB you can be instantly located by SAR (Search & Rescue). EPIRBS are widely used by mountain bikers and many other hobbies and even in jobs, they save thousands of lives a year. EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon) Diagram of a Hard-tail Mountain Bike. 1. Bar-ends 2. Brake Levers 3. Cassette 4. Chain 5. Chain Stays 6. Chain rings 7. Crank Arm 8. Down Tube 9. Front Brake Callipers 10. Front Derailleur's 11. Front Hub 12. Front 'quick-release' Skewer 13. Front Tyre 14. Front Wheel 15. Handlebars 16. Head Tube 17. Headset 18. Headset Top Cap & Bolt 19. Headset Spacers 20. Inner Tube Valve 21. Integrated Shifters 22. Pedals 23. Rear Brake Callipers 24. Rear Derailleur's 25. Rear Hub 26. Rear 'quick-release' Skewer 27. Rear tyre 28. Rear Wheel 29. Removable Face Plate 30. Saddle 31. Seat Collar 32. Seat Post 33. Seat Stays 34. Seat Tube 35. Spokes 36. Stem 37. Suspension Fork 38. Top Tube 39. Water Bottle Bosses Some of the most common mountain bike damage from casual riding is: * Buckled Rim - Buckled Rims are caused by a lot of stress on the rim, usually by the rear or front rim hitting the ground hard and bending the rim slightly. ...read more.


Any prescription medication that may be needed * Emergency, Health and Family phone numbers You should also carry your mobile phone in an easy to get to place. First aid kits can be stored in a pannier at the front of the bike for easy access. In this assignment I have looked at the different types of mountain bikes and have compared the hard-tail mountain bike to the soft-tail. I have described the different parts of a mountain bike and labelled the parts along with a diagram. I've explained the special types of accessories and safety equipment you should carry with you while on a mountain bike race or expedition. I've looked at the types of tools that you should have on you and explained how to fix a few common mountain bike parts, and a few of the most common bicycle riding injuries and how to treat them. I think going on a mountain bike expedition would be exciting as you get to explore places that you usually would see and meet new people. You can also go camping and enjoy the outdoors while getting fit at the same time, it would be interesting to the see the different types of bikes people ride and the helpful skills and tips they could give you to make you a better rider. Adam Breitkopf. http://www.velogear.com.au/catalog/Panniers_Bags_Racks-11-1.html http://bicycle-repair-4u.com/bicycle_repair_fixing_a_flat.htm http://www.jimlangley.net/wrench/roadandtrailrepairs.html http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/8874.php http://www.articleclick.com/Article/The-7-Most-Common-Bicycle-Injuries/1030457 http://life.familyeducation.com/first-aid/emergency/36477.html http://www.mtba.asn.au/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_bike http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle ...read more.

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