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My Local Study My chosen sport is Gaelic football and my local club is called Roger Casements GAC which is situated in the medium sized town of Portglenone.

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´╗┐My Local Study My chosen sport is Gaelic football and my local club is called Roger Casements GAC which is situated in the medium sized town of Portglenone. The club was founded in 1940. It is a GAA club with the aim ?The GAA is a community based volunteer organisation promoting Gaelic Games, culture and lifelong participation? (www.gaa.ie). There are 9 teams in my club ranging from under 6 years to seniors, with 20 -25 players on each panel. The club is organised by an elected committee comprising 12 people and assisted by the backroom team for the organisation and management of the teams. The club is the pride of the community with many paying members, 300 in total. The Antrim county board organises fixtures for senior players whereas the southwest Antrim board organises matches at juvenile levels. Development from Grass Roots to Elite: Grass Roots - The lowest level in Roger Casements is the under 6 team which trains weekly and play small scale friendly matches against other local teams. Skill development is the main focus at this young age. ...read more.


Members pay an annual fee of twenty pounds which includes insurance for the players.. The Lottery funding project is supporting Casements Gac in the provision of new facilities as are the Antrim county board. Facilities: The club benefits from the use of private facilities, bought and paid for over fifty years. It owns its own land consisting of one pitch and high quality changing rooms. Casements also own a club pavilion with a bar and indoor hall which is available to the general public. There is also a local Gaelic pitch owned by the district council which helps the club avail of the use of limited public sector facilities. Local schools, colleges and clubs: The local schools genuinely get on well with each other and allow their facilities to be used for community use. We train in our own pitch, a community pitch or the school pitch. Casements facilities are largely open for community use and other teams may book them by request. Gaelic football is now a major sport with schools as it is taught on the curriculum. The local primary school encourages young children to join Casements to develop their game. ...read more.


Casements doesn?t cater for a men?s hurling team or a women?s Gaelic team. Lack of numbers is a major influence. I can safely link my role as a leader and performer at my local club. It has clearly developed me as a performer from a young age and this has given me the characteristics and qualities necessary to be a leader. There are also opportunities to become involved in coaching and officiating from a young age e.g. young whistlers and coaching foundation course where there are regular classes in local areas. These are run by the Ulster Council and are generally free to members of the GAA. Critique: Sourcing my information for this study was relatively easy due to the varied supply of information. What I did find less pleasing was the fact that there aren?t any real efforts currently being made within the GAA to adapt the game for people with disabilities, unlike some other sports. This is an area for potential development by the GAA. Female participation is well established in the county and indeed in Ireland but unfortunately, in my club, there aren?t sufficient numbers interested to warrant a team. There are few local public sector facilities available which limit the clubs use of these e.g. leisure centres and gyms. ...read more.

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