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My Outlook On Basketball

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My Outlook On Basketball I am one of few who do not take a particular interest to many sports but basketball is one sport, which I can't seem to get enough of. Due to the Fact that I live in Southern California my personal favorite basketball team is The Los Angeles Lakers. ...read more.


I cant wait till the final buzzer rings in a basketball game determining the winners and forcing the defeated to push harder to win their next game. Strength and determination I believe is extremely important in the game of basketball in that without these two key elements your performance in this sport will be shortly lived. ...read more.


The excitement that falls over the crowd in the last minutes of a basketballs final Quarter is like none other. This excitement only builds up the curiosity of each viewer watching a game of basketball searching for the reward- the winning team. Although I am not very talented in this sport I will continue to watch those who are, those who are out one the court partaking in possible the greatest sport known to man- Basketball! ...read more.

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