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National and Local provision for football.

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Football is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide every week. So it is important that there is good way that players can develop from the grass roots of football when they are young to then become the elite world stars of tomorrow. The F.A (football association) is a prominent force in the development of football at grass roots level throughout the country 'we are committed to developing the game at all levels to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to play their part' Statistics of people taking part in England * 3 million affiliated participants * 40,000 affiliated clubs * 2200 leagues * 11500 registered coaches source=F.A website fig1 Responsibilities 'Grass-roots' football in the United Kingdom is the responsibility of the 43 County Football Associations throughout England. These are independent bodies, which are affiliated to the Football Association, and are responsible for all aspects of the game at local level. One of the key tasks undertaken by County Football Associations is the affiliation of local competitions e.g. the Milton cup organised by the Kent county football association and leagues e.g. ...read more.


Kent cup final A regular Route for grass roots players to progress to elite Fig2 (Fig2 shows possible routes for aspiring footballers) The red arrows show David Beckhams route to the professional game but this route is breaking down today as only 0.6% of the 500000 registered footballers in England register in football academies, and a further 1.2% in centres of excellence. Also, no football academies or centres of excellence have registered the maximum number they can. This maybe because the big clubs neglect minor leagues because of lack of profile or because of the leagues poor organisation. The solution maybe to involve an independent body when leagues or competitions are being set-up to make sure they have adequate exposure to academy scouts. The boxes shaded grey show where the local provision for football breaks down because there is no district teams or rep squad meaning players are not shown to football academies e.g. Gillingham F.C. regularly. Disabled Provision There seems to be no disabled clubs in the region, but there are obviously opportunities (as shown on disabled football team websites e.g. ...read more.


Conclusion The provision for football in the U.K. in general is good with many publicly accessible facilities (see appendix 3) but as the football league is becoming overwhelmed with foreign players other countries provisions are developing better than ours e.g. Frances vastly higher number of excellence centres are proving to be useful as they are producing some of the worlds finest footballers over the last decade e.g. Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet. The local provision for football in Swale is quite poor. Although there are many facilities and leagues publicly available there is a breakdown in the route from grassroots to elite football with no district football team to allow players 2 be seen by scouts, emphasised with only 7 players progressing to professional football through Sittingbourne football club within its 124 year history. (appendix2) Word count- 896 Appendix2 Sittingbourne players progressing into professional football= Jason Lillis Walsall '93 Neil Emblem Millwall '93 Michael Harle Millwall '93 Steve Forbes Millwall '94 Lee McRobert Millwall '95 Jimmy Case Brighton '93 Lee Harper Arsenal '94 Source= official F.A. non league club directory National and local provision for football Ed Harrison Ed Harrison ...read more.

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