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National governing bodies of sport.

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Adam Clarke National Governing Bodies of Sport Most national governing bodies for sports were created in the late 19th century. When they were set up they had several roles, on of the first rationalisation of rules. At the time, most sports had localised rules and so the game varied in different parts of the country, making it hard to arrange fixtures. The national governing bodies were established to create standardised rules that all teams and schools would use, this centralised the games and allowed for any team to play anywhere. The organisations were given more roles as they gained power and today these include promotion and development of the sport, encouraging participation at all levels, changing and enforcing rules, organising competitions and leagues, selection for national teams, developing facilities and communicating with other bodies for the sport, including international. Most of the national bodies were originally established from the Oxbridge 'melting pot', were many important sports men and women worked and studied. ...read more.


For example the English Premier League could become a secondary competition with the formation of a European league, which would then have control of many English teams. In general the sports have expanded, starting as local games, then growing to regional and further still to national sports, the tend continues as they become more and more international and global sports. The Cricket Council The Cricket Council was established in 1969, and became the main governing body for the sport, taking over from the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) that had previously controlled cricket and created standardised rules. The Council has several parts, the Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB), The National Cricket Association (NCA) and the MCC, each dealing with different aspects of the game. The TCCB, for example is responsible for the organisation of all county and test matches. Football Association (FA) When formed in1863, one of its main jobs was to standardise the rules of football and by 1877, only Scottish Association rules varied from the FA's. ...read more.


It also organised the first Wimbledon championship in1877, which brought about a standardised court size. Similar associations exist in the US, Australia and several other countries. Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) The Amateur Athletics Club (AAC) was the first national governing body and was responsible for the first English championships in 1866. However, by 1880, the AAA took over power. It organises events and often decides what events take place, and also focuses on the development of young athletes. Along with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it deals with problems in the sports such as drug use. Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) Formed in 1880, the ABA held its first major championship the following year. However, like many other governing bodies, it has lost influence as the sports become more international. While it is still involved in British boxing and the development of young fighters, International bodies such as the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur (AIBA) have control over the rules and the arrangement of major fights such as world title competitions. ...read more.

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