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National Study of Football Provisions in the UK

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National Study 2.3 Football Introduction Football could be described as the UK's national sport; there are currently 7 Million participants in the UK with 35,000 officially affiliated clubs in which to properly accommodate these participants. The FA is the governing body for football in the UK and it is there job to put pathways in place to develop the countries young footballers to success in the future. The FA described itself as being a "not-for-profit organisation and is committed to making football a positive and inclusive experience for everyone involved in the game, allowing all participants to enjoy the game and maximise their ability". The FA invests about 60 million back into the game each year, with 38million being invested into grass roots football. Elite Level National Pathways In football there are two pathways that a footballer may use, those being the school football route and the local club route. The Local club route being the far more effective of the two. The Local club route: * Local Club- Academy/Centre of Excellence-Professional club contract The School route: * School team- Area representative team-County-Centre of excellence/Academy Many young footballers in the UK begin playing football at a local club. ...read more.


The role of the ESFA The ESFA has been delivering inter school and representative competition for 100 years. The English schools football association is the recognized governing body for all school football in the United Kingdom. Its role is to develop school football opportunities at both a primary and secondary school level. It does this by setting up competitions that run from U11 level to u19 level. Through these competitions players can move on to higher levels, e.g. district and country representative teams. Disability Football The FA has made football accessible to people with the following levels of disability: Blind, Partially-Sighted, Deaf and Hearing Impaired (men and women's teams), Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities and Amputee football. The FA runs 8 national disability teams to properly accommodate people with disabilities, each team having a full time physiotherapist and a fully trained advisor. The FA has also created a search programme for disability football in the UK, which enables disabled footballers to find their local club. Women's Football- A survey in 2008 has found that in the UK 260,000 women play football and some 1.1 Million girls play some sort of football. ...read more.


These include changing rooms or clubhouses, grass or artificial pitches and multi-use games areas. Our community scheme aims to create opportunities and build communities by funding projects that use football and sport as a force for social change. We fund projects that address social exclusion and inequalities in education and health. We also provide money via our small grants scheme for small projects that aim to increase participation by both players and volunteers in grass roots football by supporting the costs associated with providing new activity. Our goalpost safety scheme provides grants to replace unsafe goalposts. Our junior kit scheme provides money for junior kit and equipment to under 18 teams and adults with disabilities. Kickz is a football programme that targets some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country to create safer, stronger and more respectful communities through the development of young people's potential. Reading the game is a football programme to promote literacy and to raise reading motivation for all ages. Our corporate partner programmes work with organisations that share our aims and objectives to deliver government targets across areas such as crime, social regeneration, health, participation, education and drugs. The football stadia improvement fund provides money for clubs in the Football League and the National League System down to step 7 and below who want to improve their facilities. ...read more.

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