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National study - The sporting pyramid and pathways to international level from Participation Level with football

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National Study - Performing Footballer The sporting pyramid and pathways to international level from Participation Level with football The idea of the sporting pyramid is that there are a lot more at the lower levels than there are at the higher levels and at each level has a greater number than the level below. You can only move upwards in progression through the levels. The foundation (or grassroots) level consists of introducing children of a young age into football and teaching them the basic skills needed to perform, like basic passing or running with the ball. Once the basic skills are mastered and they start to enjoy football they would be considered to be in the participation level. The participation level involves playing football for enjoyment of the sport. It may also be at a low level of competition, like school 5 a side competitions. When participating in a more serious form of competition, the performer would be in the competition level of the sporting pyramid. ...read more.


Most players do not make the required standard to be in the team's first team at a high level but many players have signed for lower level clubs and have returned to the premiership to make a great career. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/get_involved/4207962.stm Funding In the image to the right is the amount of money allocated and invested into each type of sport. As you can see a large proportion of the money has gone to sports like swimming, cycling and athletics. The money has been invested into these sports because they want them to do well in the Olympics and get as many medal winners as possible. Personally I thought more money would have been invested into football as its one of the most popular sports in the UK. The image to the left shows us investment going into the FA and what the FA's intentions are and what they want to improve using the money. http://www.sportengland.org/funding/ngb_investment/idoc.ashx?docid=00662cc9-455d-45ed-99bb- Mainly, the FA's goals are to increase the number of participation from adult, female and disabled, develop the number of school to clubs links, improve the service of ...read more.


http://www.uksport.gov.uk/pages/girls4gold/ The image to right is what the FA for disabled have provided as to what the player pathways looks like for disabled footballers. 'For the most talented players, there is a player pathway in place to ensure that they are given the very best opportunities and support to reach their full potential, which at the elite end may mean representing England. This is no different for disabled footballers, who could go on to play in one of the six impairment specific squads.' http://www.disabilityfootball.co.uk/Playerpathways.html Critical Comments The only problem I think the FA can improve on is putting more money into getting children into sport. The FA need to build / improve national football academies in through the UK that can give youngsters a passion for the game and give them real aspirations. England has one of the highest level played leagues yet our national team fails to impress that nation which could be inspiring the children just by good nation performances. Also to help the national team the FA could also get people in managing and produce top quality English managers. ...read more.

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