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Organisation and structure of football

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  • Essay length: 2117 words
  • Submitted: 03/06/2005
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AS and A Level Contemporary Studies

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Leisure and recreation unit 3

Assignment 3.2

Following on from my first assignment, this is the second part of my investigation on football and tennis. This assignment will be in three parts. First I will look at the organisation and structures of both sports and will include information about the different levels, for example local, regional and national. Second I will look at the funding and commercialisation within football and tennis. To the end of the assignment I will conclude by saying how each sport is affected by the sports industry as a whole. I will also include tables and statistics and will have a bibliography.

Organisation and structure of football

Current structure of the English football league.

The English football league structure is now organised into four leagues, the foremost being the premiership, the lowest being league two. At the end of the season, a few teams in each league are either promoted or relegated depending upon their proximity to the top or bottom of the table. As a further incentive to teams to avoid the comfort zone of mid-table mediocrity, play-offs have been instituted for teams from the championship league

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