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Out of Darkness Comes Light

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Out of Darkness Comes Light Ten years ago Tariq couldn't have walked down Leyton high street without having at least one racist comment shouted at him. His family was driven out of Iraq because of Saddam Hussein. His father was taken hostage by a guerilla mob and is most likely dead. He found his way to Britain in the back of a lorry with his mother and his two younger sisters. When he arrived in Britain he lived in a hostel in Leytonstone with his family and his twelve year old sister had to work as a prostitute to try and earn enough money to provide for the family. His mother was ill and his youngest sister, Zahrsa had to look after her throughout the day whilst he was at school trying to get an education. He was bullied continuously at school and had one friend Marik who lived on the same estate as him. Tariq's story started like this: It was your average Tuesday night for Tariq. He'd just finished school at Tom Hood High School, where he went to school, and was making his way to the park where he always met his friend Marik, everyday after school. Marik's family was very rich and Marik went to a private school in Hertfordshire where he was bullied constantly. That was the base of their friendship, the fact that they were both the victims of bullying. ...read more.


What a goal! The Jets players looked at each other, all the adults started cheering, it was without doubt the best goal a Rovers player had ever scored. Tariq continued his excellent form throughout the game using his strength and aerial ability from the set pieces and scoring two headers off corners. The game finished at 6-3 but what a game Tariq had. His name was being spoken of all the way back on the minibus, maybe Rovers had a chance of glory. It was four months after Tariq's debut and Rovers had reached the League Cup Final against their close rivals Leyton Town West. Scouts from all over East London flocked to Dagenham and Redbridge's Stadium to see this Youth Cup final. And they were all looking at one boy, Tariq Nihrham. Tariq had the game of his life, inspiring Rovers to a 1-0 victory over their rivals; he set up the goal in injury time for his mate Marik. What a way to cap off the season. As Tariq made his way to his car a gentleman wearing a black suit made his way over to him, he was the manager of Leytonstone Youth. One of the best youth teams in East London. " Tariq I've been watching you over the last few weeks, and I must say I like you a lot. You have great leadership skills and great strength. I want to offer you a place at my team, my centre back has just been signed by West Ham Academy and we have a place to fill and I think you're more than capable of filling his shoes." ...read more.


The fact that he was lying down must've taken most of the impact of the crash. Tariq struggled in the freezing cold water to try and release himself. His arms and legs were both strapped down. The murky brown see water was all around him, he was trying to hold his breath but he jus couldn't do it. He kicked and kicked, punched and punched but he just couldn't get himself out of the straps that were restraining him. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the corpse of the Paramedic floating above him in the driver's compartment. He had nearly no oxygen in his lungs his arms and legs were numb. He had to try and breathe in, but he was flooding his lungs with more and more water. Thoughts were flying through his mind, of his childhood, his father, his mum in hospital, his sister working on the streets but most of all that round ball that you kick about to get easy money. What-ifs were plaguing his mind: What if he hadn't ever left Iraq? What if he hadn't ever started school? What if he hadn't ever met Marik? What if he hadn't ever started football? Would he still be alive, living a simple life? A simple life is better than no life he thought. His face went blue and his eyes stayed open, staring at the roof of the ambulance. As the Police helicopter hovered overhead Tariq lay there in an immortal sleep. Never to be disturbed by that stupid game again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jon Wood - English Coursework - Mr. Moore 1 ...read more.

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