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PEP The aspect of fitness I am going to develop is strength. This is because my chosen sport, golf, has had rapid improvements in club technology enabling players to hit the ball further.

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Personal Exercise Programme 1. Purpose/aim of PEP. Age: 16 Gender: male Height: 5ft8 Weight: 10.5 stones Current amount of activity per week Monday: One 50-minute session of helping coach year 7 students rugby. One 50 minute session of a CSLA coaching lesson. Tuesday: One 50 minute session a of Physical Education lesson. Occasional extra-curricular football or cricket match. Wednesday: Occasional extra-curricular football or cricket match. Thursday: Occasional extra-curricular football or cricket match. Friday: Occasional round of golf, or practice session. Saturday: Play golf - either a round, practice session or a lesson. Sunday: Play golf - normally a competitive round, occasionally practice. Current intensity. I feel my current intensity of exercise is quite good. this is because I participate in school PE lessons, and extra-curricular activities such as football and cricket. And my chosen sport, golf, requires a walking distance of on average 5 miles, with me usually playing on Saturday and Sunday. However, my level of intensity could be improved. As golf is a slow game it does not require a great level of fitness, therefore it could be said that my only intense fitness activity is my PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. Current level of fitness I feel my level of fitness is quite good, but it could be improved. This is because I enjoy participating in school PE lessons and extra-curricular activities such as football and cricket. However, my chosen sport golf, does not require a great level of fitness as it is not intense as football or rugby. Therefore I feel practice is more important than fitness. The aspect of fitness I am going to develop is strength. This is because my chosen sport, golf, has had rapid improvements in club technology enabling players to hit the ball further. In order to counteract this, course designers are increasing the length of their golf courses. So in order to play the ever-lengthening courses at a high standard, the distance a player hits the ball is becoming more and more important. ...read more.


And my strength will improve at the same time - improving my golf. Overload To improve my strength, I must work my body harder than normal. FIT must be considered when training in order to improve my strength. Similar to progression, performing overload in training will gradually improve my strength, which will gradually improve my golf. Reversibility Make sure my sessions are far enough apart so that in the next session I can train fully and be free from injury. As I will be able to train fully and productively in each session, I can constantly push myself in the next session, meaning my strength will improve. This means that my golf will also improve. Tedium Have a wide variety of training methods in my sessions to make sure I am fully motivated for each session, giving me the best chances to improve my strength. If tedium is limited in my training sessions, then my strength will improve more quickly, improving my golf quicker. Intensity The amount of weight to be used should be based on a percentage of my maximum amount of weight I can lift at one time, generally referred to as one repetition maximum (1RM). The maximum number of repetitions performed before fatigue prohibits the completion of an additional repetition is a function of the weight used, referred to as repetition maximum (RM), and reflects the intensity of the exercise. The number of repetitions performed to fatigue is an important consideration in designing a strength training program. The greatest strength gains appear to result from working with 4-6RM. Increasing this to 12-20RM favours the increase in muscle endurance and mass. One set of 4-6RM performed 3 days a week is a typical strength training program. The optimal number of sets of an exercise to develop muscle strength remains controversial. The strength training zone requires you to use loads in the range of 60% to 100% of 1RM (Karvonnen). ...read more.


Was working to about 70% of my 1RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). Noticed more positive effects on my golf, club feeling lighter, swing speed increasing allowing me to concentrate more on the technical aspects of my swing. As a result, my golf is improving. Session 4: Significantly heavier weights than in session 3 meaning progression and overload were increased significantly also. I was working to about 70% of my 1RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). This meant my level of strength was improved producing longer golf shots improving my overall performance. Session 5: Muscle endurance tested increasing overload. Worked to about 80 % of my 1RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). Therefore muscle endurance improved meaning general strength improved and swing speed increased allowing me to concentrate further on the direction of the golf ball. Session 6: Concentrated more on forearms therefore overload and progression both increased. Was working to about 85% of my 1 RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). Stronger forearms mean left hand more stable at impact allowing purer strike increasing the speed the ball comes off the clubface meaning it travels further. Therefore benefiting my performance. Session 7: Weights much more challenging in this session meaning progression and overload significantly increased. Was working to about 90% of my 1RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). Meaning a significant improvement in my strength. Therefore creating even greater swing speed therefore increasing the distance the ball carries, improving my performance. Session 8: Hardest session of the programme, slightly increasing the workload from session 7. This meant progression and overload were increased. Was working to about 95 % of my 1 RM (Karvonnen principle pg 12). Also increased the frequency of the exercises, to help increase overload. Increased workload meant strength further improved bringing more positive impacts to my golf. Overall, I feel that my workload intensities were correct in each session. Allowing progression and overload to be achieved in the next session. This meant my strength was improved, meaning longer golf shots allowing me to focus on other aspects of the swing to improve the direction of the ball - increasing the standard of my play. ...read more.

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