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PERSONAL EXERCISE PROGRAM The reason I am carrying out a training program is to identify the work that needs to be done in order to achieve the goals that have been set. Training plans can be made for both short-term and long-term objectives for the forthcoming season. However for the rest of this program I am going to focus on a short-term annual training program. The sport the have chosen to relate my training programme to is Basketball. Basket ball requires quiet a lot of skill to play both physical and mental; such skills like speed, endurance, balance, agility and co-ordination. "Basketball is a ball sport in which, under organized rules, two teams of five players each try to score points by throwing a ball through a hoop." "It is primarily an indoor sport, played in a relatively small playing area, called the court. The speed and grace of the game, combined with the close proximity of the spectators to the action, make basketball an exciting spectator sport." - From www.wikidpedia.com Purpose/Aim: Personal Profile:- My name is Hiten Rami and I am 16 years of age. In June 2006 I will turn 17. Due to my age my height is 5ft10" and this is above average for a male of my age. My body has almost completely developed. My fitness level is about below average or average for my age as I am able to play sports and carry out daily tasks with ease; my body is able to cope with the demand of both sports activities and day to day tasks. Recently I have joined up to a gym called "Spring Health" which is based in Heathrow and here I aim to maintain my current fitness level and also to improve it. I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and focus on all areas of my body. I used to play football, basketball and badminton regularly however since I have started 6th form I haven't had time to play these sports regularly, however I do play 5-a-side football every Friday evening with my friends. ...read more.


Muscular Endurance: NCF Abdominal curl test. In this test the person carrying out the test must do as many abdominal curls (sit ups) as possible in 30 seconds. This test is carried out by the athlete lying on the mat with the feet flat on the mat, knees raised and bent and arms folded across the chest or behind the ears. If assistance is require the persons feet can be held down onto the mat by the partner. Once the partner starts the stopwatch the athlete should complete as many sit ups in 30 seconds. Picture Ref: Google Images Below are average results for 16-19 yr old for the NCF Abdominal Curl Test. Gender Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor Male >30 26 - 30 20 - 25 17 - 19 <17 Female >25 21 - 25 15 - 20 9 - 14 <9 Average results obtained from: http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/curltest.htm My Result: For the NCF Abdominal Curl Test I did 24 sit ups in 30 seconds. By looking at the table above I have achieved an average score for my age and gender. Seeing as it is average for my age it is very good and shows that my muscular endurance is good. However I must keep on maintaining this and improving this to gain above average or even excellent. This will then eventually improve my muscular endurance which is important in Basketball as explained previously. Agility: Illinois Agility Run. To test agility this run has to be carried out. The performer has to run around a marked out area in the quickest time possible. The course is set up by marking out a space 10m in length and place 4 cones 3.3m apart (distance between the cones). The athlete must stand face flat on the ground at the start line and once the go signal is signalled the athlete completes the course as shown in the diagram below. ...read more.


There are two types of endurance a muscle can go through and that is aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance is the body's ability to exercise whole muscle groups over an longer period of time at moderate intensity and utilizing aerobic energy. Aerobic exercise also increases heart rate, strengthening the organ's ability to contract. Stronger contractions mean an improved, stronger blood flow, in turn making the body better equipped for exercise. Anaerobic endurance is the ability to sustain intense, short duration activity such as weight lifting or sprinting. Finally I have decided that I will be aiming to improve my Maximum Strength. This is because maximum strength is needed a lot in Basketball in the upper body because you are mostly using your arms and upper body when playing Basketball. The upper body is used for shooting at the net, blocking, passing, tacking and many other things. My lower body is also as important as my upper body because I will be required to use my legs when playing Basketball. They are needed for when jumping to intercept the ball, jumping to reject the opposition, jumping up for a lay up. Maximum Strength is normally achieve by weight training and by overloading which is a principle where the muscle is working beyond its normal capabilities. Overload can be achieved in many ways and will be explained later on and how it will be applied when I train to improve my maximum strength. By the end of the P.E.P I aim to lift up 50 kg on the bench press and maybe even aim to lift 55kg. There are many skills that I would like to improve by the end of the P.E.P and they are: lay ups; mainly focusing on getting a high jump and a real drive forward, rejection; by once again jumping high up enough, bounce passing this is mainly passing within the team and also dribbling with speed and in different directions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Personal Exercise Program (PEP) ...read more.

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