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Personal Exercise Programme.

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Personal Exercise Programme My Chosen Sport The sport I have chosen to use for my personal exercise programme is football. I have chosen football because although I feel I can play at a reasonable standard, there are still certain aspects of my game that can be improved which will make me a better player. I enjoy training just as much as I do playing in competitive matches. Sporting history I started playing football when I was six years old for a local team. I continued to play for them for five years before I moved on to play at a higher standard. I have played for my school football team in both primary and secondary school and continue to do so now. I am designing my training programme in order that I can improve my fitness; in particular my cardiovascular system as it is directly related to football. I also aim to improve my leg strength, as it will give me an advantage over the opposition when I'm tackling for the ball and it will also help to improve my speed. Components of Fitness Stamina/endurance - this is the ability to perform for relatively long periods of time with little fatigue. ...read more.


5. When the person can no longer keep up the pace, by arriving at the line after the beep they drop out. 6. The levels are recorded and fitness is checked against the tables. Your physical state can influence your performance in this test and in some cases may make the test results unreliable. If the person carrying out the test is not feeling well or has a slight injury then their performance is not likely to be the best they can do. Strength There are many different tests for strength, which can test different parts of the body. The NCF sit up test measures abdominal strength and grip strength is measured by a handgrip dynamometer. But to measure explosive strength you can use one of two tests: the standing broad jump or the Sargent jump. The procedure for the Sargent jump is: 1. The person stands with both feet against the wall and stretches hands as high as possible while keeping heels firmly on the ground. 2. The height is marked 3. The fingers of one hand are dipped in chalk and the subject stands side on to the wall 4. ...read more.


This means more blood will get pumped out with each heartbeat, making the heart a more efficient pump. This in turn increases the volume of blood in your body, meaning you produce more red blood cells to help deliver oxygen. With more capillaries going around the alveoli it means more blood gets carried to them, resulting in oxygen moving to your muscles faster and gets rid of carbon dioxide quicker. This results in you not getting tired so fast, enabling me to last the whole game of football. After deciding upon the two fitness components I wish to concentrate on and improve in my personal exercise programme, I will need to decide how to evaluate my performance at the end of the 6 week period. In order to do this I will re-test myself on my endurance and strength levels at the end of my programme. By doing this I can compare my endurance and strength levels before and after my 6 week period and assess and evaluate whether my programme was a success and whether I have improved. There are 4 different methods of training that can be used to improve different components of fitness; interval, continuous, weight and circuit training. Laura Donnelly 1 02/05/07 ...read more.

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