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Personal Exercise Programme for a participant playing point guard in Basketball

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Important skills and techniques needed for a participant playing point guard in Basketball Point guard is one of the standard positions in a regulation basketball game. The point guard is normally the smallest player on the team and has perhaps the most specialized role of any position. Essentially, the point guard is expected to run the team's offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. After an opponent scores, it is typically the point guard who brings the ball down court to begin an offensive play. For this reason, passing skills and court vision are essential; great point guards are often evaluated more on their assist totals than on their scoring. Still, a first-rate point guard should also have a reasonably effective jump shot and should be a scoring threat from long distance. A true point guard's job is to create instances that lead to a field goal for his team; this includes passing, but also running the offense: setting up plays on the court, getting the ball to the teammate that he feels is in the best position to score, and also dictating the tempo of the game. Therefore the most important skills needed to be successful at this particular position are: > Passing (awareness is key for this) > Dribbling > Stamina > Speed (on offense and on defense) > Guarding > Mid-range jumpshot - long-range jumpshot - lay-ups It is important to note that these are the most important skills needed to be successful at point guard. To be successful at other positions you will need other skills. Passing - An important skill for any basketball player is passing the ball accurately, especially for a point guard who is the main distributor of the ball. There are many different types of passes that can be used in basketball; probably the most commonly heard and definitely the most fundamental is a two handed chest pass. ...read more.


This enables the opposition to have more of a chance to pass the ball easily and keep it. I need to improve my stamina so I can take advantage of my own marker tiring which will benefit my team. The ability to keep going is very important as it is the difference between winning and losing a match especially in close games. Although I am quite fast, if I could further improve my speed, I would find it even easier to get away from the defender on offense. If I worked to improve my stamina and overall fitness it should also help improve my speed. Six Week Training Program For Basketball The purpose of the six week training program is to help me to improve on my weaknesses in basketball, so that I can perform better and continue developing my other skills in basketball. The weaknesses that I am trying to improve during the six week training program are: 1) My ability to keep performing throughout the match, therefore working on my stamina. 2) My speed in order for me to be more efficient with my offense and defense. 3) My offensive awareness, moving without the ball. During the six week program I will continue to work on all aspects of my game as well as focusing heavily on my weaknesses. After the six week training program the targets I hope to have reached are: 1) To see progression in my performance and fitness. 2) To have developed and improved my weaknesses in my personal performance. 3) To have continued improving and working on other skills needed in basketball. 4) To have more understanding about good training methods and which ones to use in order to improve. Six Week Training Program I have produced a chart to help me with my training program. It allows me to see what I will be doing each day for the six weeks and helps me to plan how I should progress. ...read more.


Assessing Improvement Made After Six Week Training Program In order to assess the improvement made after completing the six week training program in basketball I will see how many of my targets have been met and how I have improved on my weaknesses. I definitely saw progression in my overall fitness, as I found that my stamina had improved so I can now last the duration of a match. I also found that the time it took me to recover after exercise has got shorter which suggests that I have got fitter. The improvement in my fitness meant that there was an improvement in my performance in games. I found that I have become slightly faster and I can now get to loose balls a lot quicker than I used to. I have also noticed that I can now jump higher than before. I found that practicing jumping has built up my calf muscles which has improved my rebounding and jumpshot. Blocking is still my biggest weakness but that is more to do with my size than skill. As my personal performance has improved, my contribution to my team has become greater, helping the team to progress. I feel that as a result of this training program I have more knowledge and understanding of what I need to practice to be a successful point guard in basketball. This training program has also enabled me to have an increased understanding to what training methods will benefit my position in basketball the most. I can continue to improve my skills in basketball if I carry on with the training methods that I found were successful. Overall the six week training program has really helped to improve my performance and health and fitness in basketball. A lot of improvement has been made in most of my weaknesses and I have been able to develop new and existing skills. If I continue with the program I am sure I will see much more improvement in all aspects of playing point guard in basketball. 1 ...read more.

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