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Personal Performance Portfolio - Contemporary issues - What has been the role of your teacher and/ or coach in your development as a performer?

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Natalie McCormick Miss Purdom Personal Performance Portfolio Contemporary issues What has been the role of your teacher and/ or coach in your development as a performer? Teachers and coaches play a vital part into the development and performance of an individual. Physical education takes place in schools, colleges and at university. In schools a variety of activities can take place - physical education is included within the curriculum and involves learning through practical activities. Modern physical education has developed from two differing systems - the games of the public schools and the drill of the elementary schools. Teachers and coaches are there to teach skills. To optimise skill learning teachers and coaches must create the best possible practice conditions. Using Schmidt's schema theory, which is that we store a generalised series of movement patterns that are modified to adapt to the current environment and situation. We know that variety in training is very important not just to build up schema in the long-term memory but also to increase motivation. ...read more.


Teachers can make exceptions to the rule, which means the teacher can adapt the game or skill being asked to be more specific to individuals. Outside classrooms can play a vital part in optimising the development of a performer. Coaches are far more inquisitive into this aspect than the teacher is. A teacher is only responsible for the training of a student during school where as a coach is there to optimise the performance of their performer, this can sometimes or most of the time includes training outside of the specified time allocated to that performer. A coach can influence how a performer eats to benefit their desired goal. The goal of a coach is usually for the performer to win. This is not the goal of a teacher their goal is to get the best from you and to your potential in a less dogmatic way. The difference between school lessons and external clubs can be quite a hard transaction for some performers to make, the teacher can make this transaction easier by influencing the performer. ...read more.


This skill was first taught using a slow demonstration, followed by practice at walk. The pace of both players was then increased and then put into a small game situation and then finally the full game. My coach had to find a way of teaching me this skill and the best way through manual and mechanical ways. During school the approach to hockey by the teacher is slightly different than what our relationship and attitudes are towards here when she takes on the role of being our school hockey coach and not a level physical education teacher. This means that during school times the role of our teacher is to get the best from us but not to win but just to improve our technique for our benefit. Whilst outside of school The role of the teacher changes into becoming a coach so the outcome of what we are there for is different, we are there to be pushed to our highest potential to win. Although our teacher and coach is the same person, they way in which the roles of this person is shown through the different objectives, aims and outcomes from the training of the performers. ...read more.

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