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Peter Uberoth's role in the promotion and funding of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics changed the way the future Olympics have be

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Peter Uberoth's role in the promotion and funding of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics changed the way the future Olympics have been organised and funded. In attempting to answer the question, I will cover the following points: firstly defining the key terms, I will then give a brief historical overview of the issue of how the Olympic games were funded before 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Using examples from the Olympic games I will identify the reasons for his effect upon future Olympics and influence of his different approach in future Olympics. To conclude I will review where I think the issue of funding will go in future Olympics. The key terms that link into the topic is promotion of the Olympics and commercialization of the Olympics. Although these may seem the same but aren't, they both link into together and work together but they both have different effects. The promotion of the Olympics is making people aware of the games and also a big factor is getting companies to notice. This then leads on to the commercialization of the Olympics this is where all the money comes into the sport from sponsorships from big named companies. ...read more.


This led to a few things happening the first one was that the stadium wasn't completed in time for the opening, so builders where still building while the opening ceremony was being staged, there was also too much security that they had to pay for but wasn't needed. The Montreal government also had the problem of the huge debt that had been made, to pay this they had to increase taxes. So the public ended up paying for the cock up that the government had paid and they only jus finished paying the debt off a few years ago. The IOC had to rethink and reorganize the funding for the future games. They knew they didn't have to worry about the 1980 Olympics because in Moscow where it was being held, they where a communist society so they had all the payments covered. This gave the IOC extra time to get it sorted before the 1984 Los Angeles games, but they soon realized that they would have to go against amateurism in the fight to save the games. The IOC decided to bring in Peter Uberoth he was appointed to the task of making the 1984 game viable, for the USA and the IOC. ...read more.


Funding for sport is at the moment is at its highest it has ever been, in my view I cant see it getting much bigger now I think the only way it can do is down. For example footballers are paid massive amounts and it is ridiculous for what they do, some of the top players earn more in a week than average people do in year. All sports I feel will go back to there roots so it will do a full circle and competitors will have to take part in there sport for the love of it not the money because people cant carry on funding the high wages etc like they are doing now. All sports money mad and this craze is also visible in everyday things like petrol, food, clothes etc. at the moment people are paying the prices that are being asked but I feel that it is all going change and people are going to start to refuse to buy things for prices just like owners will stop paying managers and players, this is showing that society reflects sport. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dean Barber - 1 - ...read more.

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