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Physical Education: Synoptics : David Beckham

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SYNOPTICS: David Beckham David Beckham has been playing football since a very early age. He now plays for Manchester United at an elite level and captains England. He trains and competes very regularly. 1.AGGRESSION Several aspects of football have progressed vastly in the last decade. ...read more.


Governing bodies and referees are now much more open and understanding about aggression in football as they have realised the increasing influence that it has in the game. The rules reflect this, as retaliation (an aggressive act) is now an automatic 'sending off' offence. ...read more.


It is also possible and supported through theory that in games in which he feels he is under-achieving he finds himself being cautioned. This may be due to the theory that states the athletes' ability is inadequate compared to the task they are given. This then causes them to act in an aggressive rather than assertive manner. ...read more.

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