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Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors

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Public, Private and Voluntary Sector's Public sector Public sector services are provided for the public and collectively paid for by the government. Central or local government largely funds the public sector organisations and this may influence their strategies and policies. The public sector regards the provision of leisure services as a social service to the community rather than as a profit-making venture. Facilities provided by the public sector include leisure centres, swimming pools, libraries, art centres, fitness centres and health clubs. This is how the main funding system works in this country. The national government gets its money from direct and indirect taxes. * The direct tax is an income tax on individuals by taking money directly from their wages. Also corporation tax is taken on companies. * Indirect tax is VAT on certain products for example petrol, cigarettes, alcohol and food all have a VAT added on top of their price. A proportion of these funds are given to each local authority to provide services in its local area. ...read more.


The private sector is made up of a variety of commercial operators owned by individuals or companies, whose main aim is to generate profits form the services and products which they provide for their customers. The main activities of the private sector in the leisure and recreation industry take place in retail sales, catering, accommodation, entertainment, home-based leisure and health and fitness. The sources of funding for the private sector in the leisure and recreation organisation often depend on the size of the business and it's legal identity. A sole trader may start his or her business purely from private savings or gifts from friends and relatives. A large public limited company (PLC) will raise funds by selling shares in the business on the stock exchange, in return for which its shareholders will expect a return on their investment. This is known as a dividend. There are other types of funding in the private sector. * Most new or existing business will go to the bank when they are looking for funding. The bank can offer overdrafts, usually the cheapest type of borrowing with the lowest rate of interest. ...read more.


There are five methods of funding these include: * Sponsorship e.g. the sports goods company Hi tech contributes to the printing cost of the YHA while a local Countryside Trust may be sponsored by a local company. * Subscription from members The RSPB English Heritage and many local clubs receive funds from this source. * Grants from Central and Local Governments A local council may make a grant to it's local choral society or tennis club. Last year Plymouth City Council gave �2000 to St Budeaux Tennis Club to resurface it's courts. The arts council gave grants to individuals and organisations it considers are advancing the cause of the arts. * Donation and Gift Many people give money to voluntary organisations as donations to help fund a particular initiative. People also leave money, land or property in their Will to organisations such as the National Trust. * Fundraising Activities such as a car boot sale, jumble sale and raffles are used to generate funds. * Goods and/or Services Organisations will also raise money through the sale of goods and/or services. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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