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Questions were firstly structured to get the basic information about the responders like name, year of birth, sports played and the hours spent playing and training. The questions then diverged into more deep

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Methodology In order to undertake my research I conducted a survey of 20 girls in year 11 with birth dates in 1988 or 1989. The girls were selected at random with the only criteria been they were female. After much consideration I decided on a 20-question survey. The main reason was if the survey were to long it would be to time consuming to complete. The survey contained sixteen strictly quantitative data questions and four qualitative questions. This was done to ensure that participants had the opportunity to explain their answers and also to elaborate. Questions were firstly structured to get the basic information about the responders like name, year of birth, sports played and the hours spent playing and training. The questions then diverged into more deep questions involving what influenced their choices and restrictions on their choices. Finally the survey allowed responders the opportunity to add any other recommendations, advice, thoughts or ideas relating to the topic. The problems involving my methodology included aspects such as responder involvement. In other words how seriously the girls took the survey. Hopefully it will be treated with importance and show answers involving this. ...read more.


Do you feel restricted in your sporting choices: * Yes: 4. * No: 16. * This shows that 20 % of respondents believed that their sporting choices were restricted. 14. If yes: Which of the following restricts you: Results shown in graph. Please note that more then one selection per respondent is possible and only those who answered yes to the above question answered this one: 15. Do you wish these restrictions could be overcome: Only respondents that answered yes to question 13 completed this question: * Yes: 0 * Don't Care: 18 * No: 2 * This shows that approximately none of respondents wished that their restrictions could be overcome. 16. Which of the following subjects do you believe is most important: Results shown in graph. 17. Which of the following subjects is the most enjoyable to you: Results shown in graph: 18. Which of the following would be the most comfortable situation for you to participate in sport or other physical activity: * Both male and females present: 6 * Only females present: 4 * Don't mind: 10 * This shows that 20% of respondents would feel more comfortable with only females; another 50% stated they didn't mind. ...read more.


She also says her parents are supportive of her choices and encourage her. Tanya achieves good marks at school, which show that she can maintain both a school and sporting life. She values sport and physical fitness highly and this is demonstrated by the time she puts into it. Case Study Two: Name: Megan* Age: 15 Weight: 56kg Height: 170cm Details: Megan is an example of a teenage girl, which does not value sport and/or physical activity highly. She stated that she doesn't play sport except for small amounts at school and also walks home from school, which takes about fifteen minutes. She says that she doesn't play sport because she doesn't enjoy. Megan is heavily involved in her local church. She helps out with the pre-school-year two children's group, which runs between 3-4:15pm on a Friday. She also attends a youth group on Friday night between 8-9:45pm. She attends church on Sunday between 7-8:30pm and also bible study on Wednesday nights between 4-6pm. Megan lists her interest as been music, which she regularly listens to and also plays the saxophone, clarinet and piano. She attends saxophone lessons on Thursday between 6:30-7pm. She is a member of the school band. She also stated she watches two hours of television per night. Megan achieves average school marks. ...read more.

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