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Remember the Champions

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Remember the Champions "Sit at the back," said the bus driver. He was white; being black I had to sit at the back. As I was walking down the aisle to the back seat, I stumbled, and with a loud thump, I fell flat on my face, and the passengers burst out laughing. I looked back and saw a white student's leg spread across the aisle. It was my first year in college, and it had already started like this. I helped myself up and sat in the back seat. "Don't worry they always do that, just don't pay any attention to them, and watch yourself, it's dangerous with all these whites." "Tom Robinson nice to meet you" "Will Houston" I said shaking hands with Tom. I told how this was my first in America, and that I was originally from Africa. On the way the whites sitting in the front kept insulting me and the others sitting at the back. I felt like going over there and hitting that guy, but Tom held me down. I then realized that none of us could do anything towards the whites and what they were saying because they were the majority. ...read more.


Their old coach was friends with my father and he knew that all this was going to happen so as the they were leaving the white coach slammed the door shut and didn't allow any of the whites to leave, and shouted out that if any of them would leave the team they would not graduate. After this disappointment they all agreed to tryout for the team. We preformed the tryouts and most of us got into the team. At home the white coach gave my father a visit and he told him how they used to train and told him to take good care of the team, because this year is the football college championship, and our team just had to win. The white coach offered to help my father during practices, and my father gladly accepted. My father had organized for our team to go to a football camp that summer so we could train. School continued normally. For me school was mainly studying, hearing insults, training for the team, and sitting in the back of the bus. After a long wait, summer finally came, the school closed and everyone went outside to play in the sun. ...read more.


It as the last day and we had to leave back to school. We had really enjoyed ourselves and made friends with the whites. As we got on the bus we actually sat in the front wit hall the others and we were so happy that we sang all the way back to school. Back in school was a different atmosphere - the others still hated us and as we were going to class another fight broke and for once in my life I was so excited that my heart was pounding during the fight. Then whites who were in our team actually stood up and defended the so-called 'nigger'. The football championship came, and we played our best and we played together with our fellow whites and we won the cup. Everyone was amazed at our achievements and how we all played so well that they actually started treating our team with respect, and treated us with respect and as if we were human beings. I really give credit to my father the coach for making all this possible. And for a long time our team "The Champions" was remembered and was looked upon as a significant moment in our school's history. The cup we won stayed in the principal's office with the teams picture next to it. ...read more.

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