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Research project comparing the level and set up of English Cricket to Australian Cricket.

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Jonathan Ascroft Research project comparing the level and set up of English Cricket to Australian Cricket. Why is Australia better at cricket than England, the country that invented the game? With the 2002 Ashes series being a walk over for Australia and retaining their world champions title with ease in the ICC world cup in South Africa I am going to investigate the factors that make Australia such a strong team on the cricket world stage. Will the next ashes series be yet another victory to Australia and will they remain the dominant team in the 2003 cricket season. I am very interested in this topic as I enjoy participating and following the game of cricket. I watch a lot of cricket at different levels. When you look at the Australian and England teams the names of the players are all well-known figures in the sport and are all very talented. When the Ashes come round I think of what it would be like to win it, as I was only 3 when England won against Australia in the ashes back in 1986/7. The scorecard after an encounter with these two teams amazes me to find out how England have been hammered by the aussies once again. Why is Australia so good at cricket? ...read more.


by: growing participation and interest in the game; fostering the success of Australian teams; and striving for commercial excellence, in a manner that upholds the tradition, integrity and spirit of cricket." I could not find a mission statement on the ECB website, Lords website or MCC web site, I sent emails to representatives to each of the organisations and I failed to get a response from any of them. However I found a reference to a mission statement in an article on the sky sports web site. "The England and Wales Cricket Board's Mission Statement was to make England the best Test and one-day side in the world by 2007" This is very one way minded they are focused on being the best in the world, compared to the Australian mission statement which is very focused on the spirit of the game alongside with being focused on doing well on the world stage. Australia are the best ODI (One Day International) team and by performance they are the best test team but on paper in the ICC test Championship table south Africa are top with Australia second. Australia are a very dominant force in international cricket. The cricket set up in Australia is pretty similar than the one in England, the country is split into states and these play each other, similar to the county set up. ...read more.


All in all I believe that the Australian system was based upon the English system, and was set up in a similar way but the view that the Australian have when it comes to cricket is so much more popular in Australia than it is in England and is played by a larger % of the population. The Australian government backs sport positively and grant them money. There is also a lot of money in the game in Australia cricket is one of their top sports. More people are encouraged into the sport as there is a lot of money involved compared to English cricket where players often refuse to turn professional. I have considered this point too late in my project but believe that if I could redo it I would look into wages of the players and compare them. The Australian system long ago overtook the English one and they are now. There is one big reason that many people believe to be the case that Australia are better than England that I have over looked. This is talent. Could the Australian success simply be that they have more talent than the English players. To complete my project I will have to carry out some research below are the sources of my research Websites- www.uk.cricket.org http://uk.cricinfo.com www.cricket-online.org www.ecb.co.uk www.lords.org Books- John Arlott-Oxford companion for games and sports. Newspaper- The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian This list will be added to when more research is done http://www.abcofcricket.com/A_Legend_Is_Born/The_Birth/the_birth.htm ...read more.

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