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Robbie Keane - A 'Star's' Story.

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Robbie Keane - A 'Star's' Story Thirty-eight million pounds worth of moves at only 26 years of age. Ascending through the ranks of five clubs, starting with Wolves, and moving to Coventry City. Inter Milan, and then Leeds. Finally Tottenham, where Glenn Hoddle believed 'He could be a star', and 'Our style of play suits Robbie perfectly'. The statements of course, came true. In my many seasons as a professional footballer, I have won many trophies, and caps. In all, I've won sixty-eight caps for my country, Republic Of Ireland and scored seventy-two goals in the matches. I have of course won the FA Cup with my current team, Tottenham Hotspur, as well as getting to the final, and losing, and to the semi-final, and going down on penalties to London rivals, Fulham. The Worthington Cup has returned to the Lane during my four years at the club twice, and also, the Premiership Title came in my first season at the major London club. Of course, it was that season that I won his first golden boot, capturing thirty-four goals from the thirty-two games he played. I also won the golden boot the season after, with twenty-eight goals. ...read more.


'I really like him'. Gellar admits. 'He's great fun, and I can be myself around him. There's also the fact that I know he's not only after me for my money, like Freddie Prince Junior turned out to be... what with his problems.' Gellar, who was almost wiped out by 'Prince' because of a drug problem, looks to have finally found happiness with me. 'He's just a really approachable guy. He never came up and asked to buy me a drink, I had to do that... he's just shy. Once you get to know him, you find that he's so charming... he's always himself, and isn't artificial wherever he is. If he's got a problem, he'll make it known.' Particularly on debuts is when I do better than other times. I remember getting two for Wolves, two for Coventry City, one for Inter, and one for Leeds on my full debut. But I couldn't quite score against West Ham... I did however, help with the assist for Simon's goal, make important tackles and I won a penalty, which Teddy stuck away. I like Weird Al songs especially, but I just listen to what's on mainly. ...read more.


was playing up front for the opposition. I remember Alan Smith, who was also trying out, striking the ball really hard at me. This is really when it all started, but I punched it away, and it went soaring over the bar. Alan took the corner, and I jumped for it. When I was in mid-air, I claimed it, and I fell on Jack. About twenty minutes later, he saw a senior player calling him over. He knew he was going to get subbed off, so he kept the ball in play, even though the last defender was down. He ran at me, and released a powerful strike, which I got down to save. I quickly threw the ball out of play, because of the injury, and he comes sliding in, double footed, with his studs showing. I tried to jump out of the way, but he slid straight through me. He caught me at my ankles, and I came out of hospital the next day with a broken ankle, and a damaged Achilles. I'm not sure what happened to Jack, but I didn't see him at school again. I've never played in goal since, because I've feared that something like that may happen again. The Keano Touch Arnold Murthi ...read more.

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