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Rugby - Local and national provision.

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Adam Clarke Local and National Provision Rugby Rugby Union in England is run by the national governing body, the Rugby Football Union, which was established in 1871. Since then it has taken control of fixtures, coaching, rules, competitions and much more. It identified three areas of the game that would they would aim to develop and improve: Performance, Finance and Marketing, and rugby Community. Rugby in general, along with the RFU is reasonably well funded. It receives sizable income from the likes of Sports Match and Sport England, which is funded itself by the Lottery. On top of this England Rugby also has over twenty major sponsors, including brands such as Nike, Tetley's, Powergen, Cadbury's, Ford and O2. All this means that it is able to provide money for many schemes and organisations across the country. One of the main focuses of the RFU is the development of rugby, at grass-roots level in particular. Due to this, the Development Department has been created to organise and nationalise this growth of the game: Development Department National Manager 9 Regional Development Managers 45 Rugby Development Officers and Assistant Officers Rugby Union Student Liaison Officers (RUSLO's) ...read more.


Examples of clubs that held these days are Amptill and Rushden + Higham. Most clubs have their own pyramid of progression in place, which allows players to reach high levels within the club. Typical Club Pyramid Scheme 1st XV 2nd XV Colts (U19) Youth Teams Mini Teams (from aged 7) Along with this, England Rugby has a very strong structure of country, to regional, to national squads. County squads are introduced at under 14 level, and are organised by the local authorities. In This area they are the Northamptonshire Rugby Association and the Bedfordshire Schools and Youth Rugby Association. These allow players with the most potential and ability to play together and improve further. At under 16, the East Midlands Schools Team is established. Two development evenings are held and the pick of the players are invited to a three-day camp at Stave School, where a squad of about 50 players is selected and two teams are created. This continues to under 20 level. However, each year new trials are held, providing opportunity for new players to get involved, along with last year's squad. ...read more.


While there are few people who wish to get involved, those who do are given good opportunities and funding to do so. Wheelchair rugby is particularly popular and is now played at the Paralympics, while the Welsh deaf rugby team are world champions. As an example of the RFU's provision for all forms of the game, they are sending the U-17 wheelchair rugby squad on tour with the Haslemere junior rugby club around the world to promote the unity and spirit of the game. The RFU's local and national provision as a whole is clearly an effective scheme, which provides ample opportunity and funding for all ages and abilities of players. The incentive schemes and school's encouragement get huge numbers to participate and these players are filtered thoroughly to find the best and potential stars of tomorrow. I believe it is no coincidence that the English rugby team are arguably the best in the world at the moment and the English league is now attracting the best talent from overseas raising the level further. As a result of the national team's success, they have gained more sponsorship and media coverage, resulting in more money, more funding and therefore more development in an upward spiral. Word count - 1,136 ...read more.

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