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Project Imformation Name: John Dogza Form: 10 Postgate Title: Leeds UTD Project imformation Website links http://www.lufc.co.uk http://www.skysports.com/skysports/football http://msn.skysports.com/skysports/channelnav/0,,2960-,00.html http://www.leedsutd-mad.co.uk/ Search engines & SS On This google search I typed in 'Leeds United Football Club' and I found some relevant sites and some none relevant sites like the West-ham football club... When I searched 'Leeds United Football Club' some irrelevent sites came up like westham website... So I did a Advanced search On This advanced google search, I made it find me websites with the exact frase 'Leeds United Football Club' So I didn't find any irrelevent websites Leeds UTD Facts Record History Premiership Titles: None League Championships: Three FA Cup Wins: One Address of Leeds United FC Elland Road Leeds LS11 0ES Ticket Sales Leeds United Football Club Ticket Office: 0113 226 1000 Credit card line: 0113 226 1000 Price Guide: �20-�35 per match ticket for home and away fans and �299-�499 per season ticket Ground Leeds United FC ground capacity is 40,204 General Facts Year Formed 1904 (Leeds City) 1919 (Leeds United) Turned Professional 1920 Limited Company 1920 Colours All white with yellow & blue trim (Change) Blue with yellow trim, blue shorts Yellow with blue trim yellow shorts Club Nickname "United" or "The Whites" Ground Capacity 40,204 Pitch Measurements: 105m v 65m Honours Football League Record 1920 Elected to Div. ...read more.


�33,100,000 from Manchester United for Rio Ferdinand, July 2002 Record transfer fee paid �18,000,000 to West Ham for Rio Ferdinand, November2000 LEEDS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB ADDRESS LEEDS UNITED ELLAND ROAD LEEDS LS11 0ES TELEPHONE 0113 2266000 FAX 0113 2266050 LEEDS UNITED TICKET CALL 0891 12 16 80 GENERAL TICKET OFFICE 0113 336 1000 SEASON TICKET INFO 0113 226 1000 SEASON TICKET BOOKING 0113 226 1000 COMMERICAL OFFICE 0113 367 1155 RETAIL MAIL ORDER 0845 120 2320 CONFERENCE/BANQUETING 0113 367 6132 FOOTBALL IN THE COMMUNITY OFFICE 0113 367 6307 MATCHDAY CRECHE 0113 226 6193 TOURS OF STADIUM 0113 367 6495 COMMERICAL DEPARTMENT 0113 367 6248 LEEDS UNITED TRAVEL COMPANY 0113 225 151 AWAY CLUB MEMBERSHIP 0113 226 6475 SHARELINE 0891 20 14 80 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE 01937 824401 LEEDS UNITED CLUBCALL 09068 12 11 80 TRAVEL CLUB 0113 336 6000 Fixtures DATE OPPONENT SCORE VENUE COMPETITION July 23/07/02 Green Town FC 5-1 Hangzhou, China Friendly 27/07/02 Colo COlo 1-0 Melbourne Friendly 30/07/02 Bangkok XI 2-1 Bangkok Friendly August 03/08/02 Barnsley 1-0 Away Friendly 07/08/02 Glasgow Rangers 1-1 Away Friendly 08/08/02 Farsley Celtic 0-0 Away Friendly 13/08/02 Halifax Town 3-2 Away Friendly 17/08/02 Manchester City 3-0 Home FA Prem 24/08/02 West Bromwich Albion 1-3 Away FA Prem 28/08/02 Sunderland 0-1 Home FA Prem 31/08/02 Birmingham City 2-1 ...read more.


* Use anti-virus software at Internet gateways or firewalls to scan email attachments and other downloaded files. Anti-virus software should be installed when the personal computer is initially configured. The software should be updated weekly with new virus definitions, and your vendor may provide an automated update feature. Organizations may benefit from using several brands of anti-virus software Health & Safety The Health is having a comfartable,easy to move chair The Safety is having no wires all over the place and around the computer Work Safely and take care of equipment , avoid losing unsaved work and know how to get rid of errors CopyWrite YoYou are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, transmit, publicly show, adapt or change in any way the content of this u are not permitted to use the content of thiscial home use. You are not permitted to adapt, alter or create a derivative work from any of the material contained in this CD or use it for any other purpose other than for your personal non-commercial use Name: John Dogza Form: 10 Postgate Title: Leeds UTD Audience: Leeds UTD Fans - Teenagers - 12/16 Scorers: 2001/2002 Proposed contents: Goal Scorers ...read more.

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