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Sir Clive Woodward-Profile

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Sir Clive Woodward-Profile Name: Sir Clive Woodward Date of Birth: 6th January 1956- Ely, Cambridgeshire. Previous History: England (21 Caps 1980-84), lions, Loughborough University, NEC Harlequins, Leicester Tigers, Manly Coaching: England (1997-2nd September 2004), England U21's, Manly, Henley Hawks, London Irish, Bath Country: England Caps 21 & Lions Caps 2 Honours: Sir Clive meeting the Queen at the palace & Coach of the year BBC Sports Personality Awards. Sir Clive has very important roles and responsibilities to take care of: * Employs extra people to take on tours for support for the team e.g. councillors, diet nutritionist, coaches and physiotherapists. * Picks teams and subs * Has to come up with tactics, formations and strategies. ...read more.


acid, he also thought it was a good idea for all of the players to see a psychiatrist as he believes that mental strength is just as important as physical strength he says 'the mind is a very powerful part of sport.. Everyone else thought that this wasn't very good ideas but Sir Clive stuck to them anyway. This shows that he is a good coach as it is important to be a good innovator, as it will help improve the team's performance. For example England's tour of 1998 was dubbed 'the tour of hell' and included a record 76-0 defeat by Australia. ...read more.


He is also very well prepared as he is 'always preparing for the next match', and so is preparing all the time. He spends a lot of time watching videos of the opposition and spend more time analysing every aspect of their opponents. Sir Clive is also a very good motivator and believes in his team. 'another thing I firmly believe in is making leaders out of great players.' which shows that Sir Clive gives the players confidence to be a leader as well as a player. Sir Clive is very determined and sets targets for himself and the team. 'my only goal when I took over was for England to be the best team in the world'. And in 2003 he reached that goal in 2003 when England won the world cup. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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