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Ski trip 2002

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Ski trip 2002 February the 15th, the Canada ski trip 2002 that would prove to be the most fantastic yet, finally began. The steamy coach rolled off leaving a hole in the sea of parents waving their arms in a sort of tragic joy. At the airport, after having our shoes X-rayed, we clambered on board the 767 and took our seats in a haze of excitement that would last the entire trip Half way through the flight the isles were congested with F.C.H.S boys. The thirty Year 10 girls in the upper part of the plane might explain it. An appropriate image would be the school canteen filled with hooting boys running back and forth. ...read more.


The rich blue skies of Canada were soon kissed by our destination, as we gazed out of the coach window to see Mont Sainte Anne basking in the sun with hypnotic stature. We left the coach in a hasty flow of eager mentalities and began a stroll on the snow to get our ski equipment. If you ask any of the boys who skied on Saint Anne's mountain, I'm sure the comments would average that it is the most unbelievable, breathtaking and utterly exciting activity one could ever do. From the skies being put on, to being taken off, skiing on Saint Anne was an immortalising experience that captured your soul and tickled it with a colourful sense of life's freedom. ...read more.


Following the food, groups us left the hotel in different directions. Some went into the vast mall that lay under the hotel to play pool or just explore. Others filled the empty streets of Vieux-Quebec with laughter, mischief and excitement. The Parade De Quebec, which celebrates the spirit of Quebec, was held on our second night there. We also saw a crazy hockey match where two of the audience got a jaw full of puck. On our last day we visited a classic mall, with a roller coaster included, where we spent the remainders of our spending money on clothes, games, food and music which is much cheaper in Canada. Amazing day after amazing day the trip came to an end. We returned to London with indestructible memories of a trip with unmatchable experiences. Daniel Barker & David Inzani 10f 556 words 48 lines 2523 characters ...read more.

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