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Sponsorship can take many forms. It is a way of helping a sports person without directly giving them money. Here are some of the ways an individual, team or club, sport or event can be sponsored.

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Sponsorship What is Sponsorship? Sponsorship is an agreement between a company and an event organiser where the company gives money - or the equivalent in kind - in exchange for rights to associate the company name with the event. This association can include the company name on team shirts, on advertising banners, in press advertisements or whatever is agreed in order to improve the awareness or image of the company. What can be sponsored? The range of sponsorship now covers individuals, teams or clubs, sports and events. It is now very rare to find any aspect of sport where there is not some form of sponsorship. Individuals- Most professional sportspeople are sponsored, often by more than one company. For example, racing cars are covered with sponsors' logos. Each sponsor may have paid for that space. If the sports person is particularly successful, sponsors may be queing up to sign them. The sportsperson may earn more through sponsorship than from the actual sport itself. ...read more.


The sponsor would manufacture the equipment. Clothing- This does not to be the actual clothes worn during the sport. It could be anything with the sponsors name or logo on. Some sports require a maximum limit of the size of the logo. Accessories- Some products that are worn have no direct link to the sport. Tennis players are paid to wear watches that is seen when the player serves and cricketers are paid to wear sunglasses. Transport and travel- This is often paid for or provided by car firms. Travel companies may provide free flights. At lower levels, coach firms or garages may help out by giving their services for free or at a discount. Money- The sports person can choose what they want to spend their money on. If all other aspects are covered, this could just be another form of income. Training- This can be sponsored in several different ways. The facilities could be paid for or provided, or paid time off from work can be provided. ...read more.


* Sponsors can get many benefits: * Tax relief- sponsors can claim of their sponsoring a tax they have to pay. * A good image by being related to the sport. * The sponsor can test new products on their sponsored performer. * An increase in sales means their sponsorship has been successful. Disadvantages * The sport can loose its own identity and can be dictated by the sponsor in these ways: * Rules could be changed at sponsors' request. * What the performers are to wear. * The length of time the event is to last. * The sponsor can dictate the timing of the event especially when the event is to be televised. * Less successful sports and performers do not receive any sponsorship. * A bad product image could damage a sport such as tobacco and alcohol sponsorship. * If the sponsor has to withdraw, the sport or sponsor may not be able to carry on. * The sport may be over-commercialised reducing the fun aspect of taking part. Dayna Edwin 10GB 28/11/03 ...read more.

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