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"Sport, in contemporary British society, is primarily a means of reinforcing national or local identity". Discuss with relation to one or more specific examples of its contemporary presentation in one or more media forms.

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"Sport, in contemporary British society, is primarily a means of reinforcing national or local identity". Discuss with relation to one or more specific examples of its contemporary presentation in one or more media forms. Sport can be seen as a means of fitness and endurance, where athletes strive to win and is also continually being regarded as a typical means of nation building. It produces records for the nation and makes it possible to find one's place in the International World of competition. This is just one reason for people forming a national identity. It is characterized by competition and result, and what comes out of this is an identity of production. By linking identification to results, the competitive encounter in sports stirs up feelings of connection and togetherness. Out-comes and records of sport are regarded as representative, and as collective results. It is also the media and their representation of sport that leads us to create our own national identities. After the England versus Germany match of September, 2001, the words "Five-one to us" could be heard nationwide, after they were mass printed in British tabloid papers. The result released strong emotions and a collective National identity. Sport makes people wave the national flag and sing the national anthem in the case of victory. Sport produces successful athletes who are then proclaimed as national heroes, that people can identify and worship. ...read more.


Radio 5 brings together local communities following the same teams and has the highest listening figures even though it is a sport only channel. Everyday newspapers all have sport supplements as an essential part of their editions. All of these mediums create strong relationships between people and the establishment of identities. Without television, the World Cup would not have created the huge effect that it did on homes and families. There would not have been the same national identity created if it had just been the people that travelled to Korea who were able to view the games. Sport has also become part of our showbiz lives. Main news stories centre on celebrities from sports and they have increasingly become cultural icons. Steve Redgrave and David Beckham embody Englishness and have become role models for people to focus on. Men strive to look like Beckham, copying a hairstyle or clothes worn and even following fitness regimes. Thousands of Gyms have been established across England and fitness magazines have become necessities in our sport obsessed World. Even people who claim to have no interest in sport events, regularly exercise through aerobics and keeping fit has become a way of life. It is a new Popular culture. Even the area of business has been conquered by sport. Sponsorship of teams and branding had become an important way of building a market share for companies such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. ...read more.


It homogenizes and normalizes the individual human being by adapting it to the rational body technique of winning and producing results. There is not much place for otherness. We are all united in the striving for achievement and excellence of a nation. Ultimately, whether it be through football, tennis or hooliganism England has formed a National identity. Fans can be recognised worldwide following their teams actions and achievements. Not only does sport build an identity on a national level but it also does so on a local level. This local identity then becomes part of a National identity where everyone participates in our national heritage. At England matches, the St. Georges flag is proudly flown with aspects of the local identities coming through, for example, local team names written on the flags. Many of England's finest players belong to local teams but all hostilities are forgotten when coming together on a National scale. Sport has a massive effect on forming a National Identity. It brings the opinions of a whole country together and in doing this it unites a nation. The Media realises that sport sells and encourages a National identity to be formed in order for their products to be sold. Newspapers promote players, including pullouts and statistical figures that they know people will want to consume. Sport has become a way of life for millions of people in England and there is no way of escaping it. It has most certainly united a nation, bringing hope and establishing a strong identity for all. ...read more.

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