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Sport in society

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Sport in society 1) State the possible reasons for the rise in obesity here in Northern Ireland. There are many possible reasons for the rise in obesity in Northern Ireland. Some parents are letting their children eat more fast food for dinner, as some may come in late from work and don't bother cooking healthy dinners. Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC use television to advertise their food and make it look very appealing, which attracts both children and adults to buy their food. Also, in packed lunches for school, children are maybe eating a biscuit and a packet of crisps for break, then another biscuit and packet of crisps for lunch, along with their sandwich and drink. In primary schools PE is supposed to be compulsory, however many teachers do not do it as much as they should. Children are not getting the same amount of exercise as they used to. This along with eating too much junk food adds to the growing number of obese children in Northern Ireland. There are children here in Northern Ireland that may be overweight when they start school, which is mostly down to their parents and the food they are given. ...read more.


PE should teach a child how to win, but also how to lose gracefully as not everyone can be winners. There are many different sporting activities, and every child should be able to find at least one that they enjoy doing. Obesity is a big problem nowadays therefore regular exercise is important to help prevent long term health problems. 4) How has the increase on salaries for performers changed sport and society overall? The increase on salaries for performers has changed sport and society a lot. Years ago, people played sport professionally because they loved it, they weren't in it for the money. Nowadays, some footballers earn more in a month than a person on average salary would earn in a year. There has been a huge increase on salaries for performers. They are now getting huge amounts of money just for playing sports and this appeals to a lot of children. They do work and train hard, but it seems to me like it's an easy way to make money. David Beckham, for example, signed a 25 million pound deal with Real Madrid in 2005. This doesn't even seem like a realistic amount of money to earn, just for playing football. ...read more.


Shows like river dance and lord of the dance are very popular now, shows are sold out as soon as tickets are released and this is due to the media. It has become very popular due to advertisements, leaflets and posters. There are also River Dance websites where people can find out a lot more information about Irish dancing. The media has affected sport a great deal. Without the media, people would still see sport as sport. Now, it is seen as a very glamorous job. There are a lot of very famous sports personalities such as David Beckham who are not only known for their sport, but also for their personal lives. There are a lot of different promotions used to advertise sport. Television and advertisements are huge ones. Some sports starts have their own television shows. David Beckham is the "face" of lynx aftershave and is seen not only on TV, but in magazine advertisements too. People see these and this encourages them to maybe watch that particular sport. Leisure centres also hold promotion days where kids can go down and try out all different sports ranging from squash to hockey. This lets them see what they like and what they are good at, which encourages them to continue in that particular sport. Some also give out free footballs which again will encourage children to play. 1 ...read more.

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