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Sports and society. I was involved in dancing since my childhood. My parents introduced me to this discipline when I was only 6 years old and since then I never stopped dancing.

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Vladimir Koloskov KNES 353 September 25, 2011 "Sport is a set of a social practices and relations that is structured by the culture in which they exist, and any adequate account of sport must be routed in an understanding of its location within society" (Sage, 1998, p. 397). I was involved in dancing since my childhood. My parents introduced me to this discipline when I was only 6 years old and since then I never stopped dancing. At the time I was living in Ukraine. In my country, to be a part of a ballroom dancing was a privilege and still is but it's not as popular as it used to be. New traditions, politics, and society are changing the culture. The new generation of kids is not as interested in sports and different kinds of activities as my generation. Some parents do not have money to let their children to be involved in sports, and some simply do not want them to participate in it, because there is no real monetary future in this career path for them afterwards. ...read more.


At that stage of my life, dancing became my hobby; it was something that was making me happy. All this changed when I met a professional folk dancer that inspired me once again, Lev Ivashko. When our friendship grew stronger and trustworthy, he proposed that I dance with him at a gig. This idea interested me very much, since I was a poor student at the time and he was going to pay me for the performance. Of course, I accepted! Since then my view of dancing changed and it transformed from a hobby to money making business. From then on, things started to roll in. I joined yet another dance group called "Kalinka," a Russian folk dance ensemble. We started to perform not just in Maryland, but in 5 other states. We scored gigs at important and paid events only. It did not matter how the economy was performing, there were always people who were able to pay for our performances. ...read more.


After getting everything in sync we were ready for a big takeoff. Unfortunately it didn't work out as we planned. With the economic situation in the country, people were not able to pay enough money for a performance and we as leaders of the group could not satisfy every dancer. In order to get a nice show we needed to network a lot and know people who can really make it happen and who will put in a good word for us. As we moved on with our lives, real jobs and families there was little time left to devote to leading a dance group. This situation showed me once more that a financial situation of the country and different classes of society are playing a very important role in any kind of sport. The thing that I am most proud of is that I never gave up and kept fighting for what I wanted to do. Our dance group "Fantazia" still exists and is very successful in Washington, DC area. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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