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Sports development continuum

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Sports Development Continuum The Sports Development Continuum, also known as the performance pyramid, is a model that represents a persons' involvement in sport by what stage they are at. It can also highlight the route a performer can take to become an elite performer. The model has 4 stages. These are the Foundation stage, the Participation stage, the Performance stage and the Excellence stage. It is believed that encouraging more people to participate in sport, therefore widening the base of the pyramid at the foundation stage, will result in more people getting to the excellence stage. ...read more.


It is important that good habits are instilled into the performer here, for use further up the pyramid. The foundation stage is categorised by people being introduced to the basic skills of a sport, this mainly happens at school via PE lessons and is the first contact children have with some sports. The Participation Stage Above the Foundation stage, the Participation stage consists of anyone who participates in sport regularly. It is important that these people gain something positive from participating. ...read more.


The Performance Stage The Performance level consists of anyone involved in sport who aims to improve their skills. This could be playing for a sports team where you receive coaching. At performance level a participant will show commitment to training to help perfect their skills and they will be at a club or regional standard. The Excellence Stage The top of the pyramid consists of skilled performers who aim to achieve set standards that are measurable usually through competition. Activities at Excellence level usually have rewards that motivate the individual, such as trophies or money. This is where elite performers are and national recognition is achieved. ...read more.

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