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Sports Psychology - Leadership

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´╗┐PE- Sports psychology 3. The most successful teams in the world have a strong leader, this is because an effective leader can ensure high group satisfaction and lead the team and individuals towards achieving their goals. A good leader shows characteristics such as ambition, determination, charisma, being a good motivator and having good communication skills, some people say that?s leaders are born and some say they are made. Inside a group a leader can either be an emergent leader where the leader already belongs to the group. The person acquires the position from within the group by vote/interview or is just accepted by the group, or a leader can be a prescribed leader where the leader is selected from outside of the group this is known as an external appointment. ...read more.


Autocratic leaders prefer either the most favourable situation or the least a favourable situation is when the Leader?s position is strong as the task is simple with clear structure, the group are warm and leader relations are good, because autocratic leaders work best when the situation has a large group, when quick decisions are required and the situation has dangerous decisions within it this is a very effective type of leadership for group performance. Another type of leadership is democratic this type of leader is Person/Social-orientated and they tend to share the decision making process with the group this is because of the belief that the ownership of the task will encourage the individual ...read more.


with vague structure and there is hostile group and leader relations however democratic leadership can have good group satisfaction although the group performance may suffer. The third and final type of leader is Laissez-faire this style of leadership involves the leader standing aside and allowing the group to make its own independent decisions. Laissez-faire can be self-implementing which happens if the leader lacks confidence or motivation which results in a loss of group direction. This style of leadership is ineffective because members of the group have a tendency to be aggressive towards each other when mistakes occur and there is also a tendency to give up easily which can result in an unsuccessful group. ...read more.

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