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Sports Psychology : Personality Types

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Psychology: Assignment 1 In this assignment I have been asked to identify the psychological reasons for people participating in their chosen sport, and what factors can affect or have affected their participation in sport. When dealing with different sporting situations, our personalities can affect and shape how we perform. A majority of people's personalities and characters are genetic, and passed down from your parents but this can vary. People's personalities can be influenced by any personal experiences, and what they have seen or been through can change how they think. The two types of personalities are type A and type B. Type A personalities feel strongly about being a perfectionist, and are organised and efficient. Type B personalities are carefree, confident and fairly calm and collected. A healthy personality would be somewhere in between the two types, perhaps a perfectionist, but very confident. There is also a personality theory that was developed by Eysenck. He believed that personalities were either introverted or extroverted. Introverted personalities are quiet and fairly shy, they like to keep themselves to themselves, while extroverted are confident, bubbly and like to make their presence known. Eysenck believed that it would be more difficult for introverted personality types to accept or deal with a situation or occurrence than it would be for an extroverted personality. He also believed that we inherited a mixture of all of the following characteristics, some to an extreme level and some, little or no sign of. ...read more.


Luke is rather competitive when he is participating in his sport, and seems to be very enthusiastic. This helps him to continue participation in football perhaps when he is injured, not feeling motivated or simply not performing to his optimum level. His enthusiasm indicates that he is dedicated and committed to football. In his tests, Luke showed attributes from both type A and type B personality. This indicates a fairly balanced personality. He is competitive, can be aggressive, but likes to be organised. He is also confident, but calm and rational. His balanced personality means that he can adapt to different scenarios within the sporting situations he may encounter. After looking at his statements, I have come to the conclusion that his personality was developed in an interactive way. This means that he inherited some characteristics genetically but has obtained other attributes through the environments in which he has grown up within. Pippa Mead - Pippa became involved in athletics at the age of 6, when she participated in her school sports day, completing the sprinting events. She began to specialise in these events and carried them on through her school life, taking part in athletics wherever she had the opportunity. Pippa said that it was her school teachers who influenced her participation in the 100 & 200 metre sprinting. She was also influenced to carry on her mother's success in competing at athletics at a high level. ...read more.


When taking part in my sport now, I feel as though I enjoy the adrenaline and also the pain and discomfort that we are made to feel during training. I always feel as though I have achieved something and training hard always puts me in a good, although tired mood! I feel that my personal characteristics aid me to take part in my sport as most of the time I am fairly laid back. This may sound a contrasting quality to have whilst taking part in a strenuous sport but it allows me to have an adrenaline rush yet stay calm during participation and I can generally control situations better than a fighter who loses control. My laid back approach also enables me to get into a zone for when I am participating whereas I do not tend to feel pain when struck or attacked by an opponent. These characteristics help me with my sport and in return kickboxing allows me to release any stress or worries I may have. After taking a personality test it showed that I have attributes from mostly type B personality and some from type A. I think that to be successful in sport it is important to have a good balance between type A and B as this gives you a healthy outlook on life and doesn't put your psychological state at risk or into overdrive if you work too hard or too little. ...read more.

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