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Swimming - PE practical project.

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NAME: Amanda Breach CHOSEN SPORT: Swimming INTRODUCTION: I have chosen to do swimming as the sport for my project. This is because I have a good knowledge of the sport and participate regularly. I will be analysing my own performance. Then observing and analysing two swimmers of different ability, one will be below and one above my standard of swimming. To analyse the performances I will break the sport down into each specific skill and movement, so I can easily identify the major strengths and weaknesses of that technique. The following are the specific phases of skill and technique areas I will be analysing for each level of performance: * Starts/ turns * Head/ breathing * Body position Front crawl * Leg action * Arm action For each phase I will comment on the strengths of the action, and I will also identify the weaknesses and how to correct them for each level of swimmer PERFORMANCES: Phase- Starts/ turns Correct technique- A front crawl start should begin with one hand on the wall (arm straight), and body facing forewords at an angle (opposite end of pool). The knees should be bent with feet together on the wall level with the pelvis. ...read more.


The swimmer should turn their head to one side and slightly downwards as the arm on that side comes over the head out of the water. The swimmer should inhale deeply, and as the hand enters the water the head should go back into the water in the exhaling position. The swimmer should be breathing continually, inhaling or exhaling so the swimmer should not have to hold their breath at any time. The head movement, when turning to the side to blow and breath should be one smooth, movement with no jerking. It also needs to be in time with the arm movement. My strengths at performing this skill/ movement- My strengths are that the position of my head is always correct and my breathing is constant and I never feel out of breath and the turning of my head is in the correct time with my arm. My weaknesses at performing this skill/ movement- I found that when I turn my head to the side to breathe I do it too quick and it is not one, smooth movement. Correcting my technique- I could correct this by making sure I get a better regular rhythm when turning my head. ...read more.


It exits the water elbow first and comes over my head correctly. My weaknesses at performing this skill/ movement- I found that there were no problems with my arm action, and nothing that I think I could improve. The beginners strengths at performing this skill/ movement- They had quite a fast arm pull and stretched the arm out fully when pulling through the water. The beginners weaknesses at performing this skill/ movement- The swimmer didn't bend their arm at the elbow when bringing their arm over their head and they didn't pull as hard as they could have done through the water. The arms went too wide when they came over the swimmers head. Correcting their technique- The swimmer needs to bend their arm at the elbow so the hand almost touches the armpit. The elbow should point up to the ceiling when coming over their head. By doing both of these the arms wouldn't go too wide when coming over the swimmers head. Sharon Stella Is an Olympic swimmer and I analysed her performance as a swimmer above my standard. There were no weaknesses in her performance, she performed each phase perfectly, in the correct position, and every movement was fast and powerful. ...read more.

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