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That Pat Rafter should be

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That Pat Rafter should be "Australian of the Year" Browsing the Internet, I found countless numbers of Pat Rafter fan-club sites. Maybe four or five. But it is well known that Pat Rafter is a person that most Australians look up to, or should look up to. Pat Rafter has excelled in his profession, but not just that, gone outside the boundaries of just sporting achievement. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would assume everybody in the room knows who Pat Rafter is, but for those who don't, I'll fill you in. Pat Rafter is a 6'2", right handed tennis player with brown hair and a little annoying white spot on the left side of his head. ...read more.


The award is presented on the eve of Australia Day by the Prime Minister and the recipient is determined by the Board of the National Australia Day Council based on nominations received from the public. The award is benchmarked that people, through their achievements, make a significant contribution to the wider community. This evening I will be speaking about how Pat Rafter is a worthy winner of "Australian of the Year" for his individual success and our second speaker,............ , will then talk about how his presence effects Australian Society. ...... will then follow. For an Australian of the Year, in my opinion, you need to be , well Australian and someone who is charitable. ...read more.


He learnt to play from his father on cracked, weathered tennis courts. He was not given the opportunities of a city kid, but he persevered and showed tremendous courage to reach his goal. Pat Rafter is a very sharing and charitable person. He set up his charity Cherish the Children in 1999 and gave away all his prize money from his 1998 US Open victory. Even just last year, Pat sat down and got his great head of hair shaved for charity-raising money for very special kids. He did the kids a favour, he did us all a favour. Rafter also stands for issues which he believes in, such as environmental issues and children's charities. Pat is a role model for children and adults alike to stand for what they believe in, be charitable and aim for your goal no matter how high it is. ...read more.

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