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The administration of sport in Australia

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The administration of sport in Australia Before 1976, Australian sport was run along traditional British lines with autonomous sporting organisations and received no direct funding form the federal government. Failure at the Montreal Olympics led to a national outcry and spurred the national government to fund and organise elite sport. The Australian government undertook a thorough review of Australian sport and looked at other sporting systems around the world-specifically at the 'gold medal factories' of East Germany. ...read more.


ASC - the body is responsible for coordinating the government's sports programmes * It supports a wide range of programs designed to develop sporting excellence and increase participation and achievement in sport by all Australians. For example, the ASC is responsible for Aussie sport, Youth sport programmes and the Australian coaching council AIS - this is where an elite academy system where its best athletes could train and prepare without having to worrie about funding and accommodation. ...read more.


The ASC and the AIS are funded jointly by the federal government and private/cooperate sponsorships. All of Australia's states and territories have their own sports institutes which are funded independently by the state government and local sponsorships.. One of the reasons why Australian sport is so strong is the quality of coaching for athletes, from junior sport right up to the elite level. The ASC and national sporting organisations (NSOs) administer a scheme to educate coaches. As a result, more than 200,000 coaches in some 90 sports are now nationally accredited ...read more.

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