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The Barclay School

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Stevenage Council Sports & recreation Herts SG1 LHY The Barclay School Walkern Road Stevenage Herts SG1 3RB Dear, Head of PE My name is Kayleigh Mills and I am the sports and recreation advisor for Stevenage. I am writing to every head of PE to express my feelings and opinions towards ethics and values in schools. My personal view of values in sport is that it comes down to the player's beliefs in the sport and the standard he or she sets. For example whether a team member puts in 100% effort in the sport they are playing. I define ethics in sport as the moral rules, principles and values, perhaps more simply put, practicing the following core values to sport * Fairness * Respect * Equity An example of good ethics is players knowing the rules of a game and following them. Sport is an important part of life; it can bring people to together. In some cases give people a purpose. This is why it is important that sport is played properly and good ethics and values are shown. It is better to teach this to children, so it's with them as they grow up. ...read more.


When older students reach their senior years, I think it is vital that they set a good example. All lower years will look up to senior students or be aware of them. By senior students not using inappropriate language, not arguing with the official, wearing full uniform for a particular sport and always putting in a 100%, this will in some way or eventually rub off on the lower years. This will inevitably makes sports more fun and enjoyable for students and teachers who teach them in your school. I strongly believe that health and safety in schools is a major issue. The amount of accidents caused from students not wearing appropriate equipment is tremendous. For example when students who play football do not wear shin pads. During the game they are fiercely tackled and therefore suffer and injury because they weren't protected. To stop these sorts of things from happening you as teachers and educators should enforce the fact that students should attend lesson fully equipped. This will then cause less accidents and the games lesson will be safer. To also make lessons safer, students should be well informed of the rules of the sport they are being taught, because if they are not accidents and arguments will occur. ...read more.


By promoting good ethics and values it will increase your schools chances of sponsorship, which will then possibly increase the number of students you are able to accept. By your school promoting Ethics and Values to children it will teach them to be better sportsmen and women and avoid gamesmanship. It will also develop them as better person. If children are not aware about the rules of sports and consequences of their actions, they will never be able to play fair and playing fair is the main aspect of sport. Sport should be enjoyable and children should be taught that it isn't always the physical they need to know. They need to be aware of the rules and abide by them for every one to enjoy the game or sport. If every school done this, then GCSE grades would increase, teaching environments would become easier and students would find lessons more knowledgeable and enjoyable. This would be because students will be fully aware of what is expected of them by having good ethics and values. Discrimination against students in schools will become scarcer, because equality would have been drummed in to the students. Ethics and values effects the way sport is taught but it also makes the students better people and in some cases more mature. Yours Faithfully Miss K Mills ...read more.

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