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The Effect of World War and other World Events on the Development of Sport.

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Task 3 The Effect of World War and other World Events on the Development of Sport World War 2 effected the development of sport more dramatically than any previous world event/war, simply because it was a totally different war, civilians were in danger as well as the soldiers, due to the new style of fighting. WW2 was a much more mobile war then any other war as it was the first time when bombing was really introduced on a large scale; meaning that even if you were a civilian hundreds of miles away from the brunt of the fighting you could still be attacked from the air. This meant that you could never play sport out in the open in complete safety as bombing raids could come at any time; civilians had other more pressing matters no their mind other than playing and developing sport. Also PE in schools was set back considerably due to many PE teachers being enlisted into the army and many were used to train military personnel. ...read more.


The last main influence of the inter-war syllabus was a woman named Miss Dudgeon, who was working at a children rehabilitation clinic. PE had always been aimed at making children react to a set task. But she believed in setting open tasks where children could respond in their own time. So sport at a PE level was affected significantly by the Second World War, but sports them selves were affected by the war as well. There was a 12-year gap between the 1938 World Cup in France and the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. The Olympics also had to be cancelled due to the Second World War as in July of 1939, just one year before the Games were to be held, The IOC awarded the Games to Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki's organizing committee prepared for the Games, but when Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union in November, they had to withdraw. The IOC (International Olympic Committee), realizing the futility of trying to find a venue for the Olympics during what would come to be known as World War II, abandoned the idea of holding the Summer Games in 1940. ...read more.


The team I played for at the time had half of their season cancelled due to our home ground being next to a farm. Also all inter school competitions were cancelled due o the outbreak. Foot and mouth effected professional bowls when the British Isles International indoor series was postponed, and the World Indoor Championships were also postponed by foot and mouth. Nearly all sport fixtures in Ireland were postponed due to the outbreak of foot and mouth, in particular games during the 6 nations cup had to be postponed, for example international matches between England and Ireland were rescheduled. There have been many events which have hindered the development of sport but it seems the societies want to play them and to play them in competition has kept sport alive, in such a way that governing bodies have been formed to increase the level at which we play. Even games like darts and snooker which might be consider as "pub games" have become into professions for some people. ...read more.

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