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The Effects of Fatigue In the Upper Body On a Player's Abillity To Take a Successful Set Shot.

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Introduction: In this investigation I will be studying the effects of fatigue in the upper body on a player's abillity to take a successful set shot. A set shot is a shot used in basketball when a player shoots but his feet stay firmly planted on the floor. This is the type of shot used during a free throw. If his feet leave the floor this is considered a jump shot. Fatigue occurs when the muscles have been worked to their full extent and can no longer do work. They must be rested before they will regain their abillity to work. Hypothesis: I believe that once the players are fatigued they will not be able to shoot as well as they could before they began the exersice. Background Information: Shooting There are several main points that a player must pay attention to when shooting. The shooter must have good balance and have his body under fine control. Good balance is achieved from a steady foot positioning. The movement of the player's body should either be up and down on the spot or up and towards the net and backboard. A player should have a firm grip on the ball and make sure he / she finishes the shot with the finger tips, adding the last fraction of control as the ball is launched towards its target. ...read more.


This is gained through praticing with a team and working on personal skills. Fatigue: Performance is seriously degraded by the effects of fatigue. It occurs when the muscles are over loaded with work and can't carry out actions with the same accuracy, skill, speed or strength. If signals of fatigue are present the performer will not be able to accomplish the work load required in adequate time. The more fatigued the player is the more mistakes he will make and this will carry on becoming worse if the player is not rested as soon as possible. If the muscles are not rested they may even cease to function completely. Fatigue will greatly increase the chance of injury as the performer no longer has complete control of his / her body. Proceedure: Eight subjects were grouped up from my GCSE P.E. Class and divided in two. Group 1 are the people which will be fatigued and Group 2 are the control subjects. The first group were asked to take five shots from a set point (in this case we used the Free Throw line). Then they were taken into the weights room and asked to do as many bench presses and bicep curls as they could possibly manage. Most subjects managed 30 bench presses and 20 bicep curls with a seventeen kilogram weight. ...read more.


The next graph shows the results from the last five shots of both groups. This shows eveything that I would have expected apart from one thing. The non-fatigued subjects (group 2) missed an unusually high number of shots I think that this is because the group 2 had most of the less expirenced players. Other than that the first group got more airballs and scored less than the unfatigued subjects. Conclusinon The experiment that I have carried out shows that after players are fatigued their abillity to score rapidly diminishes. I'm very sure that this is due to the effects of fatigue because I have tried to rule out any other effects in the following ways. I conducted my tests inside a sport hall where wind or cold air are not present to degrade the players abillity. I accurately measured the distance that the player is from the net before he takes the shot, to make sure that all my results are all gathered under the same conditions. All of the players used the same net and ball. The ball was correctly pumped up to the correct presure (10 lb). Taking all of these factors in to consideration I have reached the decision that my hypothesis is in fact correct. The players abillity to score is impaired by the effects of fatigue in the upper body. Saul Hardick GCSE P.E. Analytical Investigation ...read more.

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