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The Football Association (FA)

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P.P.P - Football - The Football Association (FA) Address The Football Association 25 Soho Square London W1D 4FA Telephone +44 207 745 4545 Fax +44 207 745 4546 E-mail info@thefa.com Website www.thefa.com P.P.P - Football - The Football Association (FA) The Regional Structure The game is controlled at the local level, by 43 County FA's affiliated to The Football Association but with responsibilities for organising and running football activities in their area. A hierarchy of leagues operates throughout the game, each taking responsibility for the administration of their own activities, such as membership, fixtures and registrations. Disciplinary matters (cautions, sending offs and misconduct) are controlled by The FA for the six top leagues (The FA Premier League, Football Leagues, Football Conference and the three Conference feeder leagues), with County FA's taking this responsibility at lower levels. P.P.P - Football - The Football Association (FA) FA Coaching Association (FACA) The FA Coaches Association (FACA) benefits package is changing with more focus towards constant access to online content, fully streamed audio interviews with the games best managers and more regular updates to name just a few of the improvements available from 1st September. What do I get if I join FACA? You will receive an FA Coaches Association membership card and a civil liability insurance certificate amongst a host of new and exciting benefits available from the 1st September. Two issues a year of Insight The world-renowned journal of The FA Coaches Association. Includes a review of sports science research, in-depth features, interviews with guest coach and tips on learning methods and coaching styles, nutrition, fitness training, child development. Plus news of conferences, courses, seminars, workshops and study visits. Access to Online Coaching Resource - Insight Live Available from the 1st September, Insight Live will provide all members with access to hundreds of archived articles from previous editions of Insight, online audio interviews with some of the country's best known managers and coaches, articles from experts around the world on all aspects of the game, competitions, discussion forums and much more... ...read more.


P.P.P - Football - The Football Association (FA) The National League System The League structure in England is the most comprehensive and competitive in the world, with around 40,000 affiliated clubs playing in 2000 leagues. Working with leagues and clubs, The FA aims to improve the National League System, making it an exciting, fun and effective league structure with quality competitions. Many MLS member clubs have already signed up to Full-Time, The FA's online league administration system, and can benefit from seeing the league's and team's results on www.thefa.com. The Football Association Leagues/Divisions at Steps 1 to 7 of the National League System (as from season 2004/2005) As at 29th February 2004 P.P.P - Football - The Football Association (FA) Step 1 and 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 1 Isthmian League Premier Division Isthmian League Div 1 Northern League Div 1 Northern League Div 2 Northern Alliance Football Conference (National) Northern Premier League Premier Division Northern Premier League Div 1 Northern Counties East Div 1 Northern Counties East Div 2 Wearside League Step 2 Southern League Premier Division Southern League Div 1 (North) North West Counties League Div 1 North West Counties League Div 2 Liverpool Combination Football Conference North Southern League Div 1(South) Central Midlands League Football Conference South Midland Football Alliance United Counties League Div 1 Manchester League United Counties League Prem Div Hellenic League Div 1 West Mid Cheshire League Hellenic League Premier Div Hellenic League Div 1 East Midland League Eastern Counties League Div 1 Eastern Counties League Div 2 West Cheshire League Western League Premier Div Western League Div 1 West Lancashire League Wessex League Division 1 Wessex League Division 2 Wessex League Division 3 Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division Spartan South Midlands League Division 1 Spartan South Midlands League Division 2 Combined Counties League Premier Division Bedford & District League Kent League Brighton Hove & District League Isthmian League Division 2 Cambridgeshire Premier League Essex Senior League Crawley & District ...read more.


Two players are selected from each Club at random during the half time interval. * After the game, the players are directed to a sample collection area (room with toilet facilities). The sample collection procedure is explained to the players and carried out in accordance with the drug testing guidelines. * The Sampling Officer(s) will collect the urine samples and organise the despatch of these samples to the IOC accredited laboratory for analysis. The results of the comprehensive analysis of samples are forwarded to the Administrator of the FA Doping Control Programme privately and confidentially. * In the case of a positive find, a separate procedure is put into action. The FA Chief Executive, The Professional Footballers Association (Union) and the FA Compliance Department are informed of the find. * If a player's positive find is for performance enhancing drugs, it is highly likely that he will be charged with misconduct for bringing the game into disrepute and would appear before an FA Disciplinary Commission. * If the player's positive find is for any prohibited substance, The FA would seek an interview with the player. Depending on the outcome of the interview the... P.P.P - Football -The Football Association (FA) ...player may be charged with misconduct and ordered to appear before an FA Disciplinary Commission. The FA Disciplinary Commission may take one or more of the following actions: - - No action is to be taken - A warning as to future conduct - Punitive sanctions against the player (ban) - Request a clinical assessment of the player Decide that the player will receive: - - Counselling - Treatment - And/or rehabilitation for the condition - Probationary target testing following treatment or rehabilitation (if required). Results of the FA Doping Control Programme SEASON TESTS CONDUCTED SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE FINDS 1994 / 1995 272 12 1995 / 1996 272 7 1996 / 1997 500 5 1997 / 1998 500 3 1998 / 1999 546 2 1999 / 2000 1016 5 2000 / 2001 1034 6 2001 / 2002 1107 7 2002 / 2003 1201 8 Liam Illsley ...read more.

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