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The Football Association

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The Football Association The F.A is the governing body of the football game in England, and seeks to develop football at all levels with the aim of 'using the power of football to build a better future.' The Football Association, as the game's governing body in England and the world's pre-eminent national association, occupies a central role in the relationships between football's many basic parts: fans, players, officials, managers and coaches. Under the main aim of "using the power of football to build a better future", The F.A's purpose is to lead the successful development of football at every level, with the overall aim of England winning the World Cup by 2006. The organisation's core objectives are: * To be seen by fans, players, managers, clubs and the government as the leading sports governing body in the world * To lead the development of a grass-roots framework which will achieve the highest levels of participation in the world * To achieve consistent, long-term success on the field through player development at every level * To be a leading-edge marketing organisation * To lead and shape the debate about football at a national, UEFA and FIFA level * To provide leading-edge service levels internally and externally The Council is made up of 92 elected representatives from the various parts of the game, including The FA Premier League, the Football League, County Associations, the universities, schools and services. ...read more.


Meanwhile, The FA is investing �12 million over four years in a custom-designed IT system that will link the football community and ease the administration burden on clubs, leagues and County FA's. As part of this, a League Administration is already available on the Internet, while in the near future, all County FA's will be operating under a new County Administration System. 4. Developing Women's Football Women's football is already the biggest sport for women in this country and The FA is putting the structures in place to help it expand further, with the hope of a doubling of the number playing within the next decade, if not sooner. The FA also has plans to create a professional league for women 5. Developing Leagues, Competitions and Clubs This means developing everything from The FA Trophy and FA Vase to ambitious plans for developing hundreds of what are being called "community clubs". These are sort of "super-clubs", each with at least ten teams, ranging from junior to women's and senior teams. "It is the sort of club where you can start as a youngster, playing in a junior team, and go all the way through to playing as a veteran", explains Stone. Such clubs will also have a social area or bar, where the life of the club can continue before and after the game. ...read more.


in a form of probation, in which he can and will be tested for a period between 12 - 24 months following The FA's decision to allow him to resume playing once considered 'fit' to represent football again. Results of the FA Doping Control Programme SEASON TESTS CONDUCTED SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE FINDS 1994 / 1995 272 12 1995 / 1996 272 7 1996 / 1997 500 5 1997 / 1998 500 3 1998 / 1999 546 2 1999 / 2000 1016 5 2000 / 2001 1054 6 Not only does this show that the F.A are doing there best to "clean the sport up" but it also shows it is working. The number of significant positive finds has more than halved since 1994/1995 this is with the number of test conducted five times more. However if there is to be one negative, there was still 6 finds out of 1054. This shows that drugs still play a part on this sport and also 1054 is no where near a representative amount of sportsmen and women that compete in football in England. Contact: www.thefa.com The Football Association 25 Soho Square London W1D 4FA Tel: +44 (0) 207 745 4545 Fax: +44 (0) 207 745 4546 www.surreyfa.co.uk info@surreyfa.com Surrey County Football Association Ltd County Office 321 Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7TU Tel: 01372 373543 Fax: 01372 361310 e-mail enquiries@surreyfa.co.uk ...read more.

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