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The Football World Cup

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The Football World Cup I'm going to tell you about the worlds biggest game: the world cup, also why everyone loves football and I'm going to explain how the world cup works. Firstly, why everyone loves football: there may be lots of goals, 90 minutes of fun, yellow and red cards - when ever someone gets sent off there's surely going to be tension between rival fans, there may be fights on and off the pitch and the thrill of watching your teams win, it's a social event, you can travel across the world and it could go into extra-time or maybe even penalties and sudden death penalties. About the World Cup The world cup started in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. It had a massive impact; it had 13 teams in it. The man who started it all was a French lawyer who became president of FIFA (Federation International De Football Association) ...read more.


1974 Germany - Germany won 2-1 against Holland also the trophy changed to the world cup. 1978 Argentina - Argentina won 3-1 against Holland, it was the 5th time the host nation had won. 1982 Spain - the entrants increased from 16-24. Bryan Robson scored the fastest goal in the world cup history against France in 27 seconds; Italy 3-1 against Germany won the trophy. 1986 Mexico - arguably the beat world cup since 1970 Mexico and it was hit by the infamous handball by Diego Maradona the phrase was that he won the world cup single handedly beating Germany 3-2. 1990 Italy - England reached the semis where Germany knocked us out the eventual winners won 1-0 against Argentina. 1994 USA - the world cup was decided on penalties for the first time won by Brazil against Italy. 1998 France - 32 teams took place in France - a record. ...read more.


Asia - 10 groups of 3, winners through to 2nd round, 2 groups of 5, winners through to world cup, runners up play each other twice in playoff, winner plays twice v Europe play off. Nth America - 2 groups 3, winner through to Interzone round. Caribbean - 3 groups of 4, winners go through to 2nd round, 3 groups of 4, winners through to 3rd round, 3 semi finals, winners through to semi final round. Interzone round - 3 groups of 3, winners through to semi final round. Semi final round - 3 groups of 4, winners and runners up through to final round. Remaining 6 play round robin, top 3 through to world cup. Hosts go through automatically to world cup = 32 teams. World cup - 8 groups of 4, top 2 through to 2nd round, 8 matches, winners through, quarter final, 4 matches, winners to semi's, 2 matches, winners through to Final. The world cup match, winners claim the trophy and number 1 status in the world. This all continues every four years. By Ross Gillon 859 words ...read more.

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