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The Local and National Provision of football From youth to the professional game.

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The Local and National Provision of football From youth to the professional game Introduction This project will be researching many different areas of football. I will begin at the grassroots level, which is primary school, local and junior leagues progressing through county, club and country. The areas included will be funding, incentive schemes, provision for different abilities etc. The local provision of football around my area with the help from my own experiences locally will be compared to the National set-up. Though they are two separate topics they will link together. Review of Literature In my local area there is large amounts of youth leagues ranging from under 8's competitions upward, the grassroots football. The Kent messenger (KM) newspaper shows the variety of league and cup competition. Youth football in my area ranges from Maidstone Minor Leagues to the Kent League, North, Central and South. The KM and another resource, The Downswood Mail always have advertisements for players to join clubs, or managers that are needed for youth football. ...read more.


The Sports and Play Team are one of the partners in the 'Active Sports' programme and are keen to work with local clubs. 'Voluntary Club Facility Hire Grant' helps to provide the facilities needed to run training sessions and to have a good quality pitch for match days, ranging form hundreds to thousands of pounds and this scheme was also set up by the Sports and Play team. Gillingham Football Club, local pro team, runs many after school and holiday training camps with opportunities for the younger players to help their schools out. The players can win competitions for equipment and small grants for sport in their school. Discussion Football as a whole is a growing enterprise in England and around the world. TV money and worldwide football stars show a lot of money is in and around the sport. Local football around my area uses a lot of recreational ground and schools playing fields, so facilities for players are limited. More money needs to be spent on proper catering specifically for football. ...read more.


The more money the FA gives to councils and the Government, the more football will prosper and generate money. If local and national grassroots football improves, more money will be generated by itself, which then takes off all the pressure from the Government and the FA in the future. Appraisal There are lots of ways in which the study could be improved. Without a comprehensive study of another Borough or County its hard to tell if my local area equates in a similar way to another. Many figures that I have found only say what money is going to be put in; it would help to find where the money has been spent so far. Many coaching schemes and building enterprises are organised but the popularity and success is not always shown. My area really only has one professional club, Gillingham, regions in and around London for example will have many clubs reasonably close. This means my area is disadvantaged but I would like to find out whether these major clubs to make a big difference to local and national provision. ...read more.

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