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The local and national provision of Football.

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The local and national provision of Football. The development of provision in sport from grass roots to elite performers is very important, this is why the Football Association (FA) the national governing body of football (NGB), has been involved with the development of provision for everybody, all over the country. This is the basis of what my essay consists of. Many initiatives have been formed to help with grass roots development, one of these is the 'Football Foundation'. The funding is provided by the FA, The FA Premiership, DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport); Sport England and the government (www.footballfoundation.fa.org). The Football Foundation involves distributing the �53m in grant aid. It helps "Provide opportunities for anyone of any age, background or ability to participate" (www.the-fa.org). The funding helps with, * Changing room improvements * Pitch drainage * Artificial pitch installation * Floodlighting * Clubhouse development and refurbishment Also in order to encourage development of coaching and standards of future players in local clubs (Sunday league) different aims have been implemented e.g. Improving the quality of provision for boys and girls, to achieve this in practical terms means that the required number of managers and coaches in the club have passed a F.A Level 1(or greater) ...read more.


The National lottery donates 28% of its money to good causes one of which is the sports council which splits its money between 5 distributing bodies Sport England, The Sports Council for Wales, Sportscotland, Sports Council for Northern Ireland and UK Sport. Some of this money which is to develop sports goes into developing provisions locally and nationally. Males are the dominating gender within football as there are over 40,000 clubs in the UK of which only 800 have a women's 11-a-side team (www.the-fa.org)however, "Football is not only the biggest female sport in England, it is also the fastest growing." (www.the-fa.org). However women still do not have all the opportunities men receive because availability is restricted, so the FA must help improve the situation. To do this "The principle aims of the FA are to maximise participation, increase opportunities and increase quality (for players, administrators, officials and coaches)." (www.the-fa.org) The FA has also stated "The FA is committed to the development of the women's game from grass roots to the very top level." (www.the-fa.org). To ensure the long term survival of women's football the FA is already working to professionalize the game at all levels, from pitches to ticketing and the general promotion of the game to allowing the opportunity where talented and committed girls can make a career out of their sport. ...read more.


* Of the 90 clubs in the premiership and football league, only 6% currently make provision for players with disabilities. * 98% said they are prepared to take part in the One 2 One ability counts scheme. But it is not just at grass roots level that improvements need to be made this is why at a national level, the FA wants to establish a proper competitive structure based on club competitions and regional tournaments. This in turn should lead to the development of a regional squad with a clear path for the best players to progress to the national team. My view on the provision of football in the UK locally as well as nationally is very important as football is a very sociable as well as competitive game and the more participants the better, as it also improves fitness levels thus improving health and decreasing obesity levels as well as lowering youth crime rates. The provision available at the moment is not up to standard considering football is the national sport, but with all the initiatives which have been put into place by many different organisations to improve equality between genders and the availability of provision for disabled players etc, soon football will be of a very high standard in terms of provision. ...read more.

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