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The portfolio specifies to the 'Active England' programme which is a new initiative from Sport England. The portfolio discusses the impact of lottery funding and the contemporary issue of the decline of the sale of National Lottery funding.

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Executive Summary The following portfolio is collation of information, statistics, references and work of the media in relation to the current situation of an obese nation. The portfolio specifies to the 'Active England' programme which is a new initiative from Sport England. The portfolio discusses the impact of lottery funding and the contemporary issue of the decline of the sale of National Lottery funding. To complete the portfolio future recommendations have been suggested regarding the issue of funding. 1.0 - Introduction Sport in today's society is possibly the most encouraged activity to participate in, there are a number of minority groups within the nation who are not getting the opportunities to take part within sport, and therefore key agencies in sport such as Sport England are devising strategies to prevent the situation from growing. This portfolio has been devised to identify the problem of funding for the 'Active England' organisation. 1.0 - 'Active England' - The Organisation The Aim: "To contribute to the health and well being of all sections of society, but in particular those sections of society that typically do not take part in sport and physical activity" Programme funding is �108.5 million. ...read more.


This approach will help communities to become healthier as well as assist Sport England in achieving its vision of making England the most active and successful sporting nation in the world. "We want people, young people particularly, off the street corners, getting them away from frightening old ladies and breaking windows, and getting them into sports areas where they can participate at their own level, have fun, enjoy themselves and really feel that they are part of something that is totally enjoyable and that is being a Briton and enjoying life in Britain." Peter Lawson, (speaking on BBC Radio 4 Programme Children and Sport, March 1986), Horne J et al, (1999), Understanding Sport - An Introduction to the Sociological and Cultural Analysis of Sport, E and FN Spon 3.0- Contemporary Issue's faced by 'Active England' In today's society, there are a wide array of issues in which organisations must consider and prepare for if they want to be successful and act as a pivotal point in the community. The impact of lottery funding is an issue which 'Active England' rely on heavily to support and fund their programme. "The National Lottery Commission replaced the Office of the National Lottery (OFLOT) ...read more.


Sport England is possibly one of the National Lottery's largest "good causes" funding receiver and with the sales down by 2% from previous years, Sport England has to be careful with how they spend their money. It is perhaps more difficult for voluntary and public sector clubs to receive funding through the thorough and detailed application process than before the cutbacks. The club must have a charter mark of high standard, a comprehensive code of conduct and practice for all parties involved and they must be able to prove that the money really will be able to change people's lives. Whereas a number of years ago, it was rumoured that almost any club could receive funding if they wanted, and the nation saw money go to waste, which can no longer happen. With Sport England under fire by the media brought along a newly appointed chief executive, this created upset. Many people's jobs were seen as not making enough contribution the cause and were subsequently axed. 3.4 - Future Recommendations Below is a shower of ideas in which 'Active England' can consider to be successful in the future: 4.0 - Conclusion Throughout the portfolio, the key issues in which 'sport' must adapt to have been identified. With the National Lottery ticket sales slowly increasing again, funding for sports programmes should become readily available if suitably justified. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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